Lessons Everyone Should Learn from Rocketship

More than ten years ago, an institution known as Rocketship opened its doors to students in San Jose. The school has been doing well, and it has managed to make a huge impact in the lives of young people. The company has introduced a great change in the communities it is serving. However, the founders of the institution say that it is still work in progress. According to the school founders, the main aim of the school is to introduce better ways to make learning enjoyable and interesting. The school has learned several qualities in the past decades. Here are some of these valuable lessons.

1.Personalized learning always starts at home

When Rocketship was founded several years ago, it was making headlines as the first schools who were interested in personalized learning. Ten years later, the school is still one of the staunch institutions that still advocate for its form of learning. This type of learning has proven more than just the use of the modern technology. The learning helps the teacher to understand all the unique needs of other interests of the students and their family.

2.Create more demand so that the system can be changed

Since it was established, the school has only chosen to focus on the elementary education level. Many people such as funders, parents and partners from all walks of life have been encouraging the top management to build the K-12 system which has been in place for several years. Although the thought is very tempting, the school has chosen to remain at the elementary level. Although it is very difficult to see the kids leave in the fifth grade, it is fulfilling to know that they have the best foundation for their future education.

3.Honor the power of guardians and parents

When Rocketship was founded, it decided to introduce the leadership program. The main aim of the program is to assist the families to get the power they need to exercise their demands at the facility. The parents can now demand for the school leadership to be accountable at all times. The program ensure that the parents are fully involved in the learning activities.