Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is one of the global leaders when it comes to investments and alternative credit solutions. Although their operation is headquartered in Dallas, the true focus of investment opportunities extends world wide, and especially in certain regions of the globe. Europe and Asia are targeted areas, as well as Latin America, with healthcare and pensions being their primary investment areas in all regions. But, it appears that Highland Capital Management is now branching out into real estate development as well.

This announcement by Highland Capital Management co-founder and CEO James Dondero could well be great news for many areas, both internationally and locally, as the drive to rebuild Houston will assuredly begin in short order. Businesses that were completely destroyed during Hurricane Harvey will be considering which course to take, and availability of capital will be a primary concern. Highland Capital Management is a well-known and well-respected hedge fund in the state of Texas, largely based on their reputation for being focused on the communities within the state.

While Highland Capital Management can be a fundamental major financial resource for the whole of southern Texas, the initiatives of the company may not be completely about profitability. Their reputation for charitable giving is outstanding in the Dallas area, as the company has recently partnered with the Herbert Simmons Foundation in locating community projects that would make excellent donation platforms that improve the lives of all community residents.

The scale of repairs necessary in the southern region of the state is just now being evaluated and the opportunities for philanthropic work will materialize in the very near future. The need for capital will assuredly transcend the business economy because the breadth of the damage is massive, and the need for great community contributors like Highland Capital Management will be like no other time in state history.