Wengie Breaks Down Must Know Hair Hacks


Everyone who knows me understands I am crazy about two things, life hacking and my hair. Life hacking for those that have never heard the term before, refers to the unusual and sometimes downright strange ways you can vastly improve your life with simple changes and tricks.


Sometimes my two passions collide and not always with the best results, my latest hair hacking adventure left my hair smelling like a beer omelet for longer than I would have ever liked.


Wengie Helps Your Hair Game with These Life Hacks


Luckily for me and everyone else, Youtube starlet Wengie helps us cut through the mess of questionable hacks to cut to the core and find only the most useful hair hacks.


Sometimes the Best Hacks are the Easiest


Not every life hack has to involve busting out the glue gun and earning an engineering degree, sometimes the most useful life hacks are the ones that we should have been doing all along. Adding to the list of should this be a hack for how amazingly simple and obvious it is, Wengie’s first hair hack involves food.


No you’re not going to have to make an egg and beer leave in conditioner or marinate your head like a salad for this one.


For this Wengie hair hack, you simply need to pay attention to what you eat and make sure you’re getting enough essential vitamins. This holds true to the statement, “what you put in is what you get out.”