Wengie Handbag Vlog Recap

In this vlog by YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she shows fans what is in her handbag, amongst other things. She starts the video by discussing how she is feeling because she is sick with a cold. She then talks about how she was working and then goes out to eat dinner. After she finishes her coffee and spinach quiche, a pigeon comes and steal her crumbs. Wengie then films herself doing some shopping. After returning home she shows off the new wallet she bought. She plans to put her cards and money into the new wallet, so she dumps out her bag.

Wengie then describes the contents of her bag, which is money, coupons, and used tissues. The first thing she shows is a gratitude journal where she writes things that make her grateful each day. Next she describes some microwave meals and soups she bought and shows her stash of rice and oolong tea which she eats and drinks while she is sick. Wengie talks about how she is home alone because she had just been travelling and is about to leave home again; hence, her cat is staying with her parents and she has the house to herself for a few days. She then shows us her healthy dinner of rice and curry. She then says that she will watch Netflix while she eats. She also talks to her boyfriend on the phone and works on editing her videos. Finally she decides to go to sleep around five in the morning.


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