English Wine? Oh, Yes!

When people think of wine producing countries the United Kingdom doesn’t usually come to mind. But, there is a huge winemaking industry in the country producing a large variety of very fine wines. The UK has a long history of winemaking, dating back to the Romans who introduced the process to the region.

The Wine Stats
UK vintners are a very busy group of workers. According to 2016 statistics, there are 502 vineyards and 133 wineries in the country. Wine in the UK is divided into two types, Welsh wine and English wine. The term British wine refers to wines produced by UK vintners but sourced by grapes from another part of the world. The largest vineyard is the Denbies Wine Estate. The most northerly vineyard is the Yorkshire Heart Vineyard.

Types of Wine Produced in UK
UK vintners produce over twenty varieties of wine. The top three types are:

Pinot Noir

UK vintners wines have been well accepted around the world in competitions and recognition. UK sparkling wine is gaining a great reputation worldwide and is included in the Top Ten Sparkling Wines of the world, as judged by the French-based Effervescents du Monde.

Growing and growing
People are getting excited about the UK wine industry. If the current growth trend continues, wine production is set to double by 2020. Farmers are supportive of the industry because they tend to make more per acre with grapes than other crops.

UK Wines Are Available All Over The World
UK wines can be bought in stores, at restaurants, and online. Wineries are allowed to ship internationally, so you can purchase their wines from anywhere in the world.