White Shark Media Illustrates How Complaints Can Offer Positive Transform

Launched in 2010, White Shark Media is among few companies that have taken the digital marketing industry to a whole different level. The company has achieved a lot in the span it has been operational. Some of the changes made include the introduction of modern tracking systems and allowing customers to monitor and control their campaigns.

The company was also selected by Google as one of the 29 Premier SMB Partners operating within the U.S. These achievements have not been made on a smooth platform since there have been challenges along the way and complaints from customers.

White Shark Media Review team has taken some of the complaints made by customers and transformed them into great ideas that have transformed the company. Below is a highlight of few and how each has been helpful in making the company better.

“I cannot track my campaign”

Before the introduction of tracking software, many customers expressed concerns about the lack of a system that could allow them view the progress of their campaigns. These complaints pushed White Shark Media to come up with a solution that would not only make the work of the clients easy but also allow the company to operate more efficiently. The company introduced the conversion and call tracking systems and in other cases Google Analytics, all available to users free of charge.

“My contact person could not help solve my concerns”

This happens a lot in different companies. During the sign-up process, there is a seamless flow of events but after some time, you are handed over to a contact person who apparently does not have a clue about your earlier engagement with the company. This is no longer a worry since White Shark Media installed a system saves the progress and conversations of an individual.


Additionally, there are professionals in different specialties who will respond to your concern accurately. The senior SEM Consultants also keep in touch with every client in the entire process until proper optimization is effected. They are not the only way one can reach support but they are always open to answer questions and undertake any tasks a customer feels are challenging. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

“I would like the campaign to run in my old account”

From late 2012, White Shark initiated new procedures that would see new clients use a new account created for their AdWords campaigns. However, many thought their previous campaigns should be included in the newly created system. To avoid this loss of progress, any new campaigns would be placed on accounts that managed previous campaigns if there was success in earlier interactions.