Venezuela Council Removes Signatures From Recall Referendum Petition

As Venezuela continues to plunge headlong into a crisis, the government doesn’t seem to be working towards a solution nearly as much as it is working to keep President Nicolas Maduro in office. The country is falling apart, and people are rioting in the streets, demanding Maduro be unseated. The citizens are so determined to remove Maduro they circulated a petition to have him removed and submitted it through the proper and legal channels. The National Electoral Council has received the petition, and as originally reported in Euronews here, they are stalling. It seems there aren’t enough signatures, and many are being invalidated, but none of this seems to be true, it appears more likely that the council is simply looking to buy time to keep Maduro in office.

The opposition to Maduro gathered well over 1 million signatures, more than needed to secure a referendum says political analyst David Osio, but for one reason or another the council has decided to reject more than 600,000 of those signatures. They have made claims like signatures belong to dead people, and even so particular as to note that some people wrote the name Maduro with an O instead of a U.
The opposition is working hard to remove Maduro, and according to Osio seem to hit obstacles at every turn, but they aren’t ready to quit yet. They will continue to work to save the country by changing the government, they only way they say Venezuela can recover.