Sam Tabar’s Legal and Financial Career over the Years

Sam Tabar is an active holistic social media user who will often sneak in little jokes as such to entertain his friends, family, and followers. His honest and morally upright life is an open book to anyone seeking to know the Full Cycle Energy chief operating officer.

He updates on information ranging from his business involvements, family relationships, travels, and other social matters. According to what he has posted on his official Facebook page, he is a native of Montreal, Quebec and former student at Royal West Academy. Sam joined the University of Oxford in in 1997 to pursue a bachelor in Jurispendence before entering Columbia Law School to study law as a postgraduate student. Read more about Sam here: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

He started his career handling hedge funds and investments at Skadden Slater, Arps, Flom & Meagher LLP. He also managed private memorandums, human resource, extra letters and compliance matters at the workplace.

Sam Tabar began working for the SPARX Group in 2004 and earned an appointment as the firm’s co-leader and managing director in the business development field.

His position allowed him to join the Bank of America as the head of capital strategy and director of the Asia-Pacific region. In September 2013, Sam reignited his career in law by making senior associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He handled hedge funds, regulatory issues and fund strategizing until his departure in August 2014.

Tabar qualified for his current position at Full Energy Cycle with his extended experience in finance and career in law. During his acceptance ceremony, Sam expressed his excitement for the appointment as the chief operating officer.

He was enthusiastic to start working with the firm’s senior administrators to address high costs of fuels and environmental pollution. Tabar’s new role involves managing the company’s financial status.

Sam is a commentator on the Huffington Post where he talks about trending finance and legal matters. He uses his platform to point investors towards successful projects and educate prospective entrepreneurs.

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