Busy Consumers Benefit from Image Recognition

For the general public, the first time they are exposed to any information about the image recognition field is when they first hear about facial recognition. This is in relation to security and most people first tend to hear about it in a television show about law enforcement. Though this technology on slyce.it has been used to help identify and deal with criminal threats. Similar technology is available for another type of recognition, product recognition. This technology has become viable and commonplace with the development of mobile handheld devices.

When cell phones were first developed it was simply a vocal communication device. However, today’s smartphones have technologically surpassed the technical capability of those first cell phones. Not to mention the progression from desktop computers into tablets. With the addition of the internet, cameras, video recorders, and a slew of available apps to hand-held mobile devices it was only a matter time before object recognition was used by companies and consumers for their own benefit.

With modern mobile devices now equipped with cameras in combination with product recognition software. Consumers can point their mobile device at a product and easily search for more information. With Slyce’s innovative Universal scanner visual searches from image recognition will result in the comparison and identification of products similar to the product the consumer is searching for. Using a cell phone to simply take a picture of an image or scan a barcode and results will be received within 5 seconds. This is due to Slyce providing several search options to clients from HTTP API, native SDK, or an HTML 5 widget. This technology allows the consumer to not only quickly find similar items to those they scanned or snapped a picture but also gives consumers the ability to quickly purchase the item online.

This modern technology allows busy consumers who want to buy an item of clothing they saw on a person or in a magazine. To no longer have to use up valuable time looking for that product. Having instant product information has never been easier and the ability to quickly buy a product in today’s fast paced world is a valuable time saver.