Marc Sparks, Businessman and Philantropist

Operating out of Dallas Texas, Marc Sparks is a businessman and venture capitalist. He has been prone to starting and owning several businesses at a time. He has sold businesses, had some problems, and then bounced back.

Sparks headlines Timber Creek Capital. He has been invested in the telecommunications industry. He has been been involved with companies like Splash Media, Cardinal Tele-Com, and Blue Jay Wireless. Other industries Sparks has been a part of is real estate, venture investing, and business solutions.

Marc Sparks has also penned a book titled They Can’t Eat You. In the book Sparks tells his story on how he was but a C+ high school student, but has been able to find success as a serial entrepreneur. He chronicles how success was taken away from him, and how he was able to fight his way back to the top.

In the book Sparks gives “fifty sparks” people can use to find their own way to success.
Marc Sparks is a philantropist in the Dallas area. He does work for a homeless shelter, the Samaritan Inn. He has helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Along with Lynne Sipiors. Marc Sparks created the organization, Spark Tank. It gives social service organizations the chance to pitch ideas that will create a social success. The winner of the competition will receive a 5,000 grant toward making their idea come true.

Here are examples of what the grants can do. For the homeless shelter the Samaritan Inn it lead to a kennel being built so residents did not have to leave their beloved pets behind. Five thousand dollars also went toward children’s camps and lessons for the summer so out of school kids would not have to spend the summer in day care.

For the first round of competition in 2016 the program Dogs Matter emerged the winner. The organization gives temporary shelter and foster care for the pets of addicts and alcoholics that are in recovery programs.
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