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A look at Jose Auriemo’s JHSF Hotels and Restaurants Investments


Led by Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF Real Estate Company has become a prominent firm for its significant developments and trend setting shopping malls. The Sao Paulo based company is also a key player in the hospitality industry as well. Additionally, it has also ventured into developing an executive airport in the city of Sao Paulo. The terminals will connect the city to the world’s major cities and business destinations. Below are more facts about the hotel and retail business units Jose Neto, the company’s CEO, and chairman, has led it to acquire.

Fasano Group of Hotels

JHSF became the first Brazilian real estate company to offer hospitality services when it acquired the Fasano Hotels. At the time of acquisition, Fasano Group of hotels was an international brand and a favorite choice for many. Adding them to its list of investments significantly boosted JHSF’s development projects. Today, Jose Auriemo ensures that every large scale multi-purpose development by the company comprises of a Fasano Hotel.

The Fasano Group consists of 15 restaurants distributed across the country. The first and only Fasano hotel outside a city is Boa Vista which is at Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch in Porto Feliz. The other Fasano group restaurants are; Fasano Punta, Trattoria, Nonno Ruggero, Gero Ipanema, Gero Caffe, Gero Barra, Gero Brasília, Gero São Paulo, Las Piedras, Fasano São Paulo, Fasano Al Mare, Baretto Londra, Baretto São Paulo, and Parigi.

Awards and Accolades

Since their acquisition, the prominence and the quality of these hotels have grown significantly. They have received both local and international recognitions, accolades and awards. Some of the prestigious industry awards won by the hotels include the Travellers Choice Award and the Luxury Hotel of the Year Award. They have also been named among the leading hotels in the world and featured in the list of the top 40 best hotels worldwide.

Jose Auriemo plans to continue improving the services and reach of these hotels across the country and the rest of the world. As JHSF continues to expand, the hotel business unit will as grow. To date, Auriemo has exhibited an exceptional genius in leadership, entrepreneurship, and investment. He has led all the four business units successfully.


JHSF: José AuriemoNeto’s Premier Real Estate Development Firm

The idea behind JHSF is to provide people the luxury options that they need in the city of Sao Paulo. This is one of the largest cities in Brazil but it was still negatively affected by the problems that came from the housing economy in the country. When José AuriemoNeto started working as the CEO of JHSF, he wanted to make sure that he could do everything possible to make the company successful. He knew that there were a lot of changes that he would have to make to the city and to the idea of luxury living if he wanted JHSF to continue to be successful but he also knew that doing this would be a big commitment on his part. He has done many different things and that has given him the chance to make things better for the company.

One of the first things that José AuriemoNeto did with the company was made the residential spaces that people need to live in. He wanted there to be places that people could live in and there to be a lot of luxury within those spaces. Because of the way that José AuriemoNeto created different opportunities for people who were in the area, JHSF was successful and it was something that made it easy for people to be able to get more out of the experiences that they had. José AuriemoNeto always did what he could to provide people with the options that they needed in the residential sector.

While José AuriemoNeto has created retail and shopping centers in the past, his latest venture is one that he can use to bring even more luxury into the area. It is going to be a shopping center that has many different aspects to it. He wants to make sure that people are able to get more out of the shopping center and he has worked to bring designers into the retail center. Luxury and high-end designers like Jimmy Choo are going to be a big part of the company and are going to be able to make the retail shopping center one of the most luxurious places in Brazil.

JHSF: Building Better Communities for the Brazilian Middle Class

Rapid changes in today’s skylines are becoming more noticeable. One of the contributing factors would be the multiple residential and commercial building projects that are sprouting like mushrooms around the world. The major commercial centers on each continent have seen to change their skylines in less than ten years, with each nation competing to build the world’s tallest skyscrapers. What has been considered to be an architect’s dream decades ago is now a reality – global metropolis are building anything that the mind can imagine, and sky is the limit as to how the design would look like. This building trend has become 21st century’s norm, and the construction would probably become more similar to science fiction architecture in the future. This global phenomenon is being witnessed by the people of Brazil, where lots of new high rises – residential and commercial alike – are being built along the centers of its major metropolitan areas. These massive projects are being done for the sake of its newly risen middle class population, who wanted to invest into property developments. The cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are among those who is currently experiencing construction boom, transforming their skylines as never seen before.

The one who benefits the most from this phenomenon would be no other than the property developers themselves, and Brazil’s largest and leading property developer JHSF, has seen an outstanding rise in it stocks, mainly because so many people are looking into the bright future ahead with the companies who focus on property development. JHSF has been active since 1972, and they are associated with building residential and commercial skyscrapers, often built for the middle and the upper class. Their luxury condominiums are always sold out, and they have ventured into the field of retail and shopping mall construction lately. Their first shopping mall project has grown to become one of Brazil’s premier shopping center, being dominated by high end brands. JHSF is keen into building more upscale shopping centers around Brazil, hoping to attract more international brands to be delivered to the Brazilian middle and upper class.

JHSF’s success in the present can be attributed to the rise of Brazil as a global economic power, and finally to a strong company leadership. Jose Auriemo Neto, the company’s chairman and CEO, is vital for the company’s growth. He entered the company in 1993 and has contributed a lot of success to their project. He also spearheaded JHSF’s move to venture into new projects, which has made the company one of Brazil’s most successful ones.

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