Why Online Reputation Management Has Become So Important To Increase Profits?

Online reputation management is becoming a serious issue as brands compete to portray a better image of their brands. In fact, the trend has started as early as 1999 when Epinions became the first online website to allow anyone to post reviews regarding any product or service. Perhaps, hospitality industry boasts one of the oldest competitions in the service industry as major hotel brands strive to offer a benchmark for reputation management.
In the hospitality industry, the rivalry for reputation management continued on the Internet. As such, the arrival of travel review website Tripadvisor made it even more important for hotel brands to consider reputation management. As Tripadvisor receives nearly 230 reviews per minute, thousands of visitors to the website made it customary to review hotels they were planning to stay at. When Tripadvisor grew to become the most visited travel website on the Internet, managers of individual properties took it as an opportunity to answer reviews posted by users. For hospitality managers, feedback from users of the travel review website was important to understand the strength and weakness of the brand.

From a financial viewpoint, research by Cornell University indicates that a one score increase in point on a 5-score Likert Scale means that the hotel can increase its price by 11.2% and maintain same occupancy and market share. Another research reveals that 60% of travelers visiting the Tripadvisor to check the ratings of the hotel they are likely to stay at hotels where managers respond to the user reviews. Yet, another research by Adobe states that one point increase in review score on Tripadvisor translates into 13% average increase in occupancy levels of the hotel.

Nowadays, there are various tools that can inform managers whenever someone posts a review on the Internet. In addition, a sentiment analysis software can rank reviews according to user perception allowing managers to quickly respond to negative reviews.
Considering that hospitality industry is a benchmark in the service industry, business managers from various business sectors can learn from it to increase their brand image. After all, better online reputation management means more profits in the long-run.


Online Reputation Management: Keeping A Good Name


When you own a business today, you are likely to be involved on social media and/or have your own company website. Whether you offer a service or product, people tend to rely on these sites for information from customers or clients who are either satisfied or unsatisfied with their purchases. Its important for these companies to manage their sites to ensure that only positive feedback is being featured about their business, because a bad comment can make or break a business.

In a recent article, it discussed the reasons why online reputation management is key to success in a business. Most of your sales are truly riding on customer feedback. What people say online tends to spread like wildfire, especially on social media sites like Facebook. If for some reason, a bad comment goes viral about your business you may have little time to bounce back from it. Redeeming yourself can be hard when so many people are relying on those comments as reasons to not use your products or services. A lot of times, competitors will use this opportunity to gain people from your original clientele also which can cause you to lose even more business. At this point, there is nothing you can do to stop people from saying what they wish to about your company. But you can fix bad search results.

Though, believe it or not, there is a website that can help clear any bad feedback about your business. They are called The Search Fixers, and for a reasonable rate, they will give you your reputation back when they fix negative search results about your or your business. This is a great alternative for anyone dealing with that customer who decided to try and give your reputation a run for its money. Thankfully, after using their online reputation management services you can focus on the future and forget about the negativity.

It’s important to keep track of feedback on your company because you want the focus to be on great experiences and happy customers. You have to keep people coming back and new customers intrigued by the positive comments of their peers. Many people rely on the experiences of others before making any decisions on buying products or services, and social media is infamous for promoting or advising against businesses.
If for some reason, you do experience negative feedback, you will have The Search Fixers to help you regain your reputation and move forward. @TheSearchFixers