Bob Reina- Helping Others Live Their Dreams

Since 2007, Talk Fusion has spent endless hours on helping to better a person. They are focused on building better futures, helping an individual in realizing what their dreams are and how to get what they want. They spend many hours trying to give back to different areas around the world. This is exactly the type of commitment that is needed by everyone if we ever hope to make our lives better and not just for ourselves but for others. The founding CEO is Bob Reina.


He has been quoted as saying, “With great success comes an even larger responsibility.” This sole part of the culture of Talk Fusion is what makes it stand out amongst other companies. Everything we do as individuals is what makes us who we are and that should be what drives us to be bigger and better. With the guidance offered by Bob, the ability to overcome things is far closer to being achievable.


It was ultimately the idea that drove this company to start a whole new way to donate to charities. With each employee of the company, a free account is opened and donated to charity at the discretion of the employee. They are given the opportunity to donate their time and money to a charity. The free charity account is just one of the custom monthly plans available to employee’s. This allows the person to be in charge of helping others while bringing out the best in an employee.


It was not simply this whole concept that drove Bob Reina to being who he is today. He spent a good amount of time coming up with a number of ideas that help each other around the world and not just in his own city. He helps to bring dreams to life for others as he lives out his own dreams. It is people like this that should be more involved in making the world a better place.



It’s FreedomPop For Me Or Nothing At All

I chose to take a break from my phone company because I finally got out of the contract that I had been in for two years, and even though they offered me a contract-free phone service, I still felt like there was a hidden agenda underneath their offer. I read a FreedomPop review that changed my mind about going to another company, so I chose FreedomPop instead. I had my phone unlocked when I was with my previous company, so I just needed to get a sim card from FreedomPop in order to use it on their network.

The first thing I noticed when I started using their services is the clear calls I was getting. Every call went through perfectly fine without the same problems that I was having for years with my other company. Although my previous company did fix the problems with the bad phone calls, it was still bothersome, especially since I couldn’t switch to any other carrier at the time. Another thing I have to notate about FreedomPop is their extremely low prices for cell phone service, which absolutely blows me away. I signed a contract to get low prices with my other company, but the prices were never as low as FreedomPop’s prices.

I’m only paying $20 every month for my service, which is nowhere near what I was paying to the other company. I’m now saving $60 each month, which is absolutely crazy because it gives me extra spending money. I also like that I have unlimited data, which was a problem with my previous company. Although my plan cost me $80 each month with my previous wireless company, the data was limited, and I had to pay for extra data once I went over the 2 GB limit. With FreedomPop, I have unlimited data for only $20.

I also came to find out that FreedomPop doesn’t just have cell phone service but portable hotspots, Wi-Fi service, home Internet service, and they also sell all kinds of phones and tablets. Learning more about FreedomPop has turned me on to several of their services, which I will probably end up getting in the future. With such low costs for cell phone service, I can only imagine how low the costs are for their other services, so I’m definitely open to obtaining as many services from FreedomPop as I possibly can.

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