Fabletics- A Whole New Take On Yoga Pant Revivals

Have you heard about Fabletics? If you haven’t, it’s a new company that started trying to get you to join their yoga pant revival. The one thing they offer you that people seem to love is the fact that they have yoga pants, of good quality no less, for extremely low prices. So the question now lies, is it worth trying out for a simple deduction on the cost of yoga pants? Let’s give it a look:

The Hook Line is $25 For a Whole Outfit- Shipped Even

  1. The apparel is trendy and affordable, a big plus I must say.
  2. In order to get me to order, they give me a big discount with my first purchase.
  3. The co-founder, maybe you’ve heard of her, Kate Hudson wants more people to feel good about themselves.

The problem with this is that it is only your first outfit that cost $25. In order to continue getting a lower cost outfit, you must join their VIP list and this will still only get you an outfit that is $49.95. .The VIP membership will be great if you want to continue getting an outfit each and every month. Many people enjoy their leggings and I’m sure that if you join, you will enjoy them as well.

The yoga pants are great for people who have a little junk in the trunk and they want to wear something that is going to hold them in instead of letting things jingle in all the wrong places. The size for L to XL is going to be great for people who need to work out but have trouble keeping things in. The yoga pants are great for the gym or simply working out at home.

If you try it out and decide that it is not for you or that you don’t want to spend the money on one outfit per month, you can simply call the customer service department to cancel your membership, make sure to do so before your card ends up being charged however. You can also visit their website to cancel and this will make it canceled right away.

Fabletics is an online retail subscription selling athletic wear. It’s not just athletic wear but termed “athleisure” wear. Reviews indicated that its very comfortable and the styles look amazing. The low prices and yoga pants are every women’s dream. Now you get them as a monthly subscription. Every month between the first and fifth you decide whether you want to “shop or skip“. If you decide to shop, Fabletics picks out and ships the perfect outfit for you. This is done through a personal survey that you take when signing up for this service. When completing this option, your credit card will be charged $49.95. If you decide to skip, between the first and fifth, no action will be taken. No outfits and no charge will be made to your card. If you decide to do nothing or forget, you will be charged $49.95 and have a credit of one outfit that you have to use. This is where it could get expensive if you continually forget to “shop or skip.” For your first order, you receive steep discounts of $25 for your outfit which should get you in the door. At anytime you have the ability to cancel if you feel you don’t need to keep ordering yoga pants.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders, is a model for the athletic wear. She goes above and beyond, utilizing her own cell phone to take actions shots in her Fabletics outfit during workouts. This connects with customers in a unique way. The company opened in October of 2013. The majority of business is completed through online subscription mentioned earlier. Now brick and mortar stores are popping up around the country. Expansion into Europe occurred into 2015 along with a new men’s outlet called FL2, launch with Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver.


The passion of the company is enhancing activity through comfortable clothing. The latest craze is for women to wear leggings and the styles available are off the charts.

If you are interested in finding some great fitting leggings, hand picked out for you every month for a reasonable price, look no further! Check out Fabletics!