Bringing Kabbalah to a Twenty-First Century Audience

For many centuries, students of Kabbalah have sought to achieve better connections with God and people. Today, practitioners of Kabbalah hope to encourage more people to take up the study of this ancient wisdom. A recent article in the French Tribune says that the more people study Kabbalah, the more connections become possible. At the same time, proponents stress that it is the depth and commitment of the student that is important.

Kabbalah is different from spiritual disciplines that teach followers to separate themselves from the world. To the contrary, Kabbalah calls for total immersion in this world. This is not a call to hedonism. This life is ultimately of no consequence. Kabbalah teaches that a person should seek to be the best person possible. We can do thi through our actions and thoughts. For instance, at work a person should try to contribute as much as he can to the overall team effort.

Kabbalah also teaches that we should embrace our desires. Self-destructive or overindulgent behavior is to be avoided. The point is that the pleasure we get from the things we enjoy can be a path to deeper connections to the universe.

The Kabbalah Centre International is based in Los Angeles, California. Since it was founded in 1984 by Phillip Berg, it has grown to include regional centers, online courses and study groups worldwide. Berg and his wife Karen head a multi-ethnic staff of instructors. The Centre is a non-profit organization that also engages in charitable activities like providing relief to the victims of Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

The Bergs take a nontraditional approach to the teaching of Kabbalah. This ancient Jewish teaching was once thought to be too complex for the average person. It was reserved for older men. The Bergs developed a presentation method that opens up the secrets of Kabbalah to anyone who has the desire to learn.

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