John Goullet Forms Info for IT Staffing Solutions

With the IT world always seeking staffing solutions, John Goullet has to be one of the effective people in IT staffing. John Goullet is an IT expert who specializes in staffing and offering IT solutions. He is also an entrepreneur. Goullet began his career in 1994 where he worked as an IT consultant. After a few years experience, he shifted to IT staffing where he was an expert at the same time. Through learning in both sides of the field, Goullet borrowed a lot of experience. He employed the tips and strategies to the constantly evolving IT world. With his understanding of the IT solutions, Goullet established his firm, Info Technologies.

Info Technologies

Founded in 1994, Info Technologies was formed to offer IT solutions to IT companies. It serviced all businesses in addition to Fortune companies in the world. Through Goullet’s leadership skills, Info made it to the Inc Magazine’s list of some of the fastest developing private firms in the United States. In a span of five years, the company had made over $30 million profits and was worth so much thanks to John Goullet. The firm served burgeoning markets and delivered highly efficient staffing solutions to core marketing sectors like retail, investment banking, and insurance companies.

Diversant LLC

Visionary as he was, John explored the different field in the IT marketing world. He merged with the co-founder of Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC. According to John, he could make it big by partnering up. He assumed the position of Principal in the company. He carried his leadership skill to the company where he is active and runs the businesses around. John ensures that the IT staffing services reach all mid-market firms including Fortune 500 firms. Through his guidance, Diversant LLC has over the years ranked top in the industry. It provides innovative and workable IT strategies and solutions to most companies across the world. The merging of the two companies has seen to it that there is excellent service delivery to reinsurance firms, telecommunications, and biopharmaceuticals. The products and services of this company capitalize on original transformative ideas focused on meeting the client, associates and community needs.

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