Jason Hope – An Entrepreneur Giving Back

Jason Hope, undoubtedly, is a loyal friend to the young entrepreneur community. His business background and Hope’s passion for technology have branded him as a futurist with a desire to leverage young creativity and the Internet of Things. Hope believes that smart devices and the Internet of Things will continue evolving to improve the quality of everyday life. From the reversal of aging to fitness tracking applications, Mr. Hope realizes the primary limitations to technological advancement are often due to lack of focus, discipline or capital.

Hope realizes that future technological development relies on the ingenuity and dedication of young entrepreneurs. As a result, he has developed grant program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs a means to push their ideas from concept to reality. Jason Hope understands the financial challenges students and young entrepreneurs often face. Their great ideas never come to fruition simply because they do not have the capital or no one is willing to financially support their venture. Hope wants to use financial success to help these young entrepreneurs overcome this barrier.

As a catalyst for innovation, Hope uses his official website as a platform for young entrepreneurs to submit grant proposals. He has found that even small amounts given to these aspiring entrepreneurs have gone a long way. When asked to provide advice, Hope advises to always focus on the big picture and to not over-complicate the vision. Both of these principles keep one from becoming overwhelmed with the inevitable challenges that arise.

Jason Hope agrees a new age of emerging technologies is at hand and intelligent devices, powered by Internet of Things, are central to this evolution. These emerging technologies begin with innovative ideas, and Jason Hope clearly recognizes the need to move these ideas to action. His grant program has provided the means to do this.

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