Securus Technologies Monitors Illegal Prison Calls Using Its Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies is working with Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer who has made it his life mission to disconnect inmates’ cell phones. This follows a life-threatening hit on his person resulting from his work in confiscating contraband. Almost eight years ago, Johnson was attacked in his home by an unknown assailant who shot him six times in the chest and stomach. Doctors did not expect him to survive the attack and asked his wife to prepare for a worst case scenario. He, however, survived miraculously but still experiences pain due to the sustained injuries.


A Man on a Mission


In the week leading to the hit, Johnson had intercepted contraband worth approximately $50,000. He was, therefore, not surprised when the owners of the contraband ordered for his elimination. The convicts placed a call to an ex-convict and ordered him to take care of the hit. Had the prisoners not had access to cell phones, or if the network was closely monitored, the hit would not have gone through. Since then, Johnson has been a man on a mission, working closely with Securus Technologies as a consultant to stop inmates’ phone calls from unknown numbers.


Hit on a Six-month Old


In a related case, prisoners ordered a hit on a six-month old who was killed in his mother’s arms simply because they did not like what the boy’s uncle had done. Johnson says he is working hard to ensure such cases reduce by limiting prisoners’ access to contraband. His work with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant has bolstered the company’s Wireless Containment System making it more efficient in monitoring and tracking calls to and from prison facilities.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System has seen the company put up a cell phone network, which attracts incoming and outgoing calls from prison facilities. This way, prisoners think they are connected to their home network, but something very different happens. The company chooses what to do with the different phone calls. If the call is coming from an unauthorized number, it is dropped and unable to connect. However, those from known numbers are able to go through. This way, prison facilities are able to monitor calls to and from their facilities.


Updates and Developments on the System


In August 2017, Securus Technologies reported it was making developments and updates on the Securus Wireless Containment Systems to make it a better solution for stopping illegal phone calls to and from prison facilities. The system also works by preventing illegal networks from intercepting inside prison facilities. This betters the chances of reducing the number of unauthorized calls made by prisoners to the outside world or those made from the outside getting through prison systems. Consequently, these containment solutions are handy in upholding public safety and in helping prison facilities control contraband within their walls.