The Life of Eric Pulier and some of the Companies that he has established

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn just to name a few. These are the social media accounts that you can find Eric Pulier. On numerous occasions, he uses these platforms to talk to his followers. In the past, he has used these platforms to look for philanthropic ideas. Nonetheless, Eric Pulier has been influenced by his mentors. One person who has been crucial to his success is the innovator and scientist Peter Diamandis. This is the tech innovator who is behind the X PRIZE. He has also established other companies that have influenced the thinking of Eric Pulier such as Singular University, Planetary Resources as well as Human Longevity. This might be the reason why Eric Pulier advocates for people to read books such as Bold and Abundance.

Among his greatest passions in life is creativity. All his companies have been fueled by this passion and the desire to change world. At the same time, he believes in reading books that are not related to what you specialize in. Eric Pulier says that this is the only way that you can be able to make connections between your present and your future. If there is a book that Eric Pulier believes can change the way people think is a book known as The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. The book has been written by Olivier Sacks. Eric Pulier acknowledges that he is a big fan of the Google Docs.

On top of the list of the virtues that Eric Pulier believes can change the life of business people is persistence. When beginning a business, things will not always go as planned. You will face tough moments endless challenges. Like any other young person, Eric Pulier notes that there was a time he made a mistake that hurt him dearly. He sold a company that he had spent a lot of money on. Later, he realized that the people he sold the company to cared little about the company’s motto. Up to date, Eric Pulier is credited with establishing over 15 companies. They include Enterprise Cloud Leadership, Digital Evolution as well as ServiceMesh in the following: click here.