Drew Madden’s Contribution to Healthcare

Drew Madden is a recognized individual who has specialized in Healthcare Information Technology. He is passionate, and he has the drive to develop top of the notch teams, to inculcate a one of a kind and an eye-catching way of carrying out operations in the company and also to build a partnership that is trusted by the partners.

Drew Madden served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011-2016. He joined the company in 2010, and a year later he was nominated as the president of the company. Nordic Consulting Partners is recognized as the biggest epic consulting company in the world. The company went ahead to receive many awards because of the excellent services they offered. In the period between 2012 and 2014 Nordic Consulting Partners ranked number one because they managed to implement epic services.

In one of his remarks, Drew Madden expresses his passion for electronic medical records and how for over a period of 10 years he has been working hand in hand with the best companies in the industry. That was to enable them to put in place measure that mitigates the challenges facing electronic medical records and come up with ways which ensure a smooth operation of the system. Drew Madden made this statement during one of his speeches in 2014.

While he was still serving as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he was able to raise the number of employees working in the company from 10 when he joined to 725. When he joined the company, there were only three client partners, but he was able to raise the number to 150 client partners. He made a remarkable contribution to the company by raising the annual revenue of the company from a million U.S dollars to a whopping one hundred and thirty million us dollars.

The above contributions illustrate how Drew Madden is not only passionate but also dedicated to his area of operation. All these contributed to positive results in the company. Before Drew worked for Nordic, he was working for a company known as Ingenix, which is a branch of a company known as United Healthcare but currently, it is being referred to as OptumInsight. He served in the area of business development as an Epic Consultant.