The Greg Secker Foundation: What He’s Done So Far

Greg Secker is a financial trader, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. His non-for-profit organization, Greg Secker Foundation, seeks to improve the living conditions of the needy globally through education projects, providing life skills and well as leadership skills.

One of the core activities of this foundation is youth empowerment. Since it was founded, in 2010, this foundation has organized various youth leadership summits. Young people between 13 and 17 years congregate for a five-day workshop that tackles a variety of issues affecting this age group from health matters to leadership and entrepreneurship. This platform provides a favorable environment for the young people to look into themselves for the solutions to their problems, and with the assistance of successful, globally acclaimed motivation speakers. One such motivational speaker who attended one of the foundation’s youth leadership summits is Tammy Kling of the Homeless Writers Project.

Another of this foundation’s initiatives is the Flying Traders & Traditions. Secker combines trading from a helicopter with 24-hour trading marathons to raise money for his community development projects. The Flying Trader project follows Secker’s trading sessions from a helicopter and streams it lives to other traders from his website. Other traders join him in the market as they follow the proceedings of his flying trade through his website. After his flying trader initiative received positive attention from traders, he introduced another initiative, the 24-hour trading marathon. Traders, working in shifts, trade forex in 24 hours, and generate income for Secker’s foundation through ticket sales and brokerage commission.

The Build a House, Build a Home initiative is a different undertaking altogether. When Typhoon Yolanda hit The Philippines in 2013, killing over 6,000 people, Greg Secker’s Foundation started a restoration campaign to build 100 homes in one of the municipalities in the Philippines. This philanthropic initiate was born after a close friend of Secker lost a home in Lemery during the typhoon, and Secker decided to set up permanent homes for some of the affected families in that area. All of Secker’s initiatives are documented on his website with videos and a live count of the progress he is making.