The Incredible Life of Vincent Parascandola

In the world of business, it remains a rarity to encounter individuals that possess enough charisma to run a business worth millions of dollars. To expound further, it remains a rarity to find a multi-faceted business leader capable of operating numerous businesses simultaneously. With that being said, Vincent Parascandola remains the business leader in reference. For those unaware, Vincent Parascandola remains uncontested in the world of business due to his uncanny ability to increase sales and recruit talent. Throughout his childhood, Vincent Parascandola always knew that he would become a successful business. Moreover, his business acumen dates back several decades.


To remain exact, Vincent Parascandola has remained in business since for over 25 years. Moreover, Vincent hails from New York. As a native of New York, Vincent Parascandola grew up in a diverse environment filled with opportunity. Moreover, he grew up in an environment filled with several successful business professionals. With that being said, Paracandola also comes from an educational background. As a graduate of Pace University, Parascandola received a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York. While there, he remained an excellent student. Therefore, Vincent returned to the school to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2014.


For those unaware, Parascandola remains the senior executive vice president at the AXA Advisors, LLC. In addition to sales and recruitment, Vincent remains responsible for developing productivity. Furthermore, he also remains responsible for developing experienced and new financial experts. To expound further, his expertise remains in the upper echelons of professionalism. Moreover, Parascandola initiated his professional career in 1987. During this time, he landed a job with the company as an agent. With that being said, he did an excellent job. Therefore, the company named him the National Rookie of the Year. Check out Rocket Reach for the details.


After fulfilling his duties with Prudential, Vincent went on to work for MONY Life Insurance Company. As an employee of the company, Parascandola upheld various local and regional positions in field management. Then, Parascandola went on to work for AXA Advisors in 2004. Previously, Parascandola worked for MONY Life Insurance Company for a few years.

Highland Capital Management, Still Helping People Invest Decades Later

When it comes to investments, everyone wants theirs in safe hands, and Highland Capital Management has been helping their clients with much-needed advice on investments. The company was the brainchild of Mark Okada and James Dondero who founded it in 1993, and it had since become the biggest and most experienced alternative credit managers globally. Some of the services that the company offers its clients include collateralized loan obligations, (CLOs), credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts as well as special-situation private equity. Other services by the company include emerging markets, natural resources, and long-short equities. The total property of the company stand at 18.7 billion USD, and it has employed 180 employees to run its operations all over the world.





The headquarters of Highland Capital Management are in Dallas Texas, but the company maintains other offices in towns such as New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo and Singapore. The company boasts a diversified client base as well that includes high-net-worth people, financial institutions, corporations, public pension plans, foundations, endowments, financial institutions, fund of funds and government. The healthcare sector has also attracted the firm, and now it offers unique expertise within the healthcare industry, and this includes fixed income, equity as well as loan assets that are under management amounting to $2 billion. The firm has also participated in the sector via multiple market cycles as well as the management of long books and short books. The team tasked with healthcare management includes nine specialist and analysts in the sector that cover 400 stocks in life science, pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare services. The company has its focus on independent thinking within a collaborative environment that encourages investment and deep research.




Social Responsibility



The community around Highland Capital Management is a grave concern to the company, and it has taken steps to invest it the surrounding communities of their employees. They also participate in community upgrade through financial donations, advisory board involvement, and volunteerism. It is not only the local community that benefits from financial contributions but national nonprofit organizations as well. Since 2005, the company and its partners have given about $10 million to various organizations globally.


The Success of Stephen Rotella in Corporate America

Stephen Rotella is a man with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in corporate America. He is well versed in risk management, capital markets, banking, wealth management, mergers, and acquisitions as well strategic management. Rotella also possesses a know how in executive management, financial analysis, mortgage advancing, private and public equities, hedge funds, corporate finance and startup capital advancement. Stephen Rotella is proficient in two languages, English and Italian.

Stephen Rotella holds a Degree in Economics from the Stony Brook University. He is also a Master of Business Administration, Degree holder from the University of Albany, SUNY. In the year 1978, Rotella began his career in financial services, the same year he attained his postgraduate. He started as a Senior Consultant at Accenture fulfilling various duties assigned to his post. After a successful two years at Accenture, he moved to The Reserve Group where he served in the capacity of the Vice President of Product Development and more information click here.

His career continued to progress, and in 1984 he became the Vice President of Shearson Lehman Incorporation. When an opportunity arose for him to advance his career further, he never failed to take the chance. After Shearson, he served as the CEO of J.P. Morgan. Some of his responsibilities at J.P. Morgan included but were not limited to major operations within the company such developing business and management strategies and overseeing their execution. Stephen Rotella had a cumulative 18 years of exemplary leadership at the Chase Home Finance.

His contributions made him an admirable figure in corporate America. According to John F. Doyle, Rotella’s stint at J.P. Morgan was highly decorated and fruitful as far as the success of the company is concerned. After J.P. Morgan, he moved picked the role of CEO and President at WaMu. Later, relocated to New York after becoming the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management company. Stephen Rotella is also an active member of the prestigious National Association of Corporate Directors.

Stephen Rotella is also involved in philanthropy. He has an unending commitment towards noble causes that seek to alleviate poverty, protect minors, and civil rights, empower people and create political awareness among people and contact him.