Highland Capital Management Among Top Investment Firms

Dallas, Texas based investment firm Highland Capital Management is one of the top financial services companies in the world. The firm has established itself as a leader in managing a number of debt and credit backed financial securities. It specializes in offering collateralized loan obligations which help numerous institutional investors efficiently manage debt. Over the course of its existence, Highland Capital Management has proven to provide a wide range of financial services that help a number of investors more easily manage their capital. Along with its success in providing comprehensive financial services, Highland Capital Management has also expanded to other locales. It has an office in New York City and has established other locations in key world cities such as Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. As a result, Highland Capital has been able to establish itself as an international financial services firm.

Before Highland Capital Management emerged as a top financial services firm, it started out as a more modest company specializing in life insurance. Beginning in the year 1990, finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company after working in the industry for a number of years. As a life insurance company, the firm would quickly establish itself as a trustworthy provider of one of the most valuable insurance policies on the market. With its reputation of being a trustworthy life insurance company, the firm would establish a loyal client base. While the firm was very successful as a life insurance company, it looked to broaden its offerings of financial services. During the 1990’s decade, Highland Capital Management would begin to expand on its offering of various financial products and services. This would help the firm become one of the very best in the industry.

In 1996, Highland Capital would begin offering a unique product known as collateralized loan obligations. This allowed the firm to become the first financial services company to offer such a thing other than commercial banks. With this new product, Highland Capital was able to provide a more efficient way to help clients oversee their credit and debt. Along with offering collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital Management would being offering financial advisory services to assist individuals with their financial planning and retirement. It would offer asset management to help companies more efficiently manage their various sources of capital. The firm would also begin offering wealth management services to help individuals manage their investment portfolios. Today, Highland Capital serves a wide range of clients in need of comprehensive financial services. It provides services to pension fund investors, government entities, individuals and corporations.


Refinancing Auto Loan with Ignition Financial

Next to buying a home, purchasing a car is the biggest investment and purchase that most people will ever make. Since cars cost tens of thousands of dollars, most people need to pay for their car with an auto loan. If you currently have an auto loan, it may make sense for you to refinance your existing loan. There are several benefits that come with refinancing an auto loan.


One of the biggest advantages that comes with refinancing your existing loan on your car is that you could save a considerable amount of money through a reduced interest rate. Interest rates today are at historically low levels. If you purchased your car while interest rates were higher, or you were in a different financial position, you may be paying a premium in interest. Depending on your situation, it may make sense to refinance your loan today to switch into a lower interest rate deal.


Another way that you could save money by refinancing your existing auto loan is by extending your repayment terms. If you are a few years into a five-year car loan, you could save a considerable amount of money each month by extending your loan into a new five-year term. When coupling this with a reduced interest rate, you could potentially cut your monthly payment in half.


Another benefit of refinancing your car loan is by getting cash out of your vehicle equity. If your car is currently worth more than the outstanding balance on your auto loan, or if you do not have a loan, you could liquidate some of this capital. This money can then be used for any purpose you wish, including paying off higher rate that, making home or auto repairs, or investing in any manner you wish.


When looking for a new auto loan provider to refinance your existing car loan, a great option would be Ignition Financial. This company specializes in providing car loan to consumers and even has a full group dedicated to refinancing existing phone. The company has the ability to close won’t quickly and is very competitive when it comes to rates and fees. Through their lower interest rates and slash my payments promotions, you could save a lot of money each month.