How Fabletics is using the Power of the Crowd

Consumers can either make or break a business, and the success of any company squarely lies in its approach to consumers especially the dynamic nature of their spending habits. While traditional forms of marketing such as advertising enticed consumers to spend their hard-earned cash on a product/service some few years ago, modern consumers are unmoved by adverting or any other form of traditional marketing. In fact, Digital Age consumers are skeptical of conventional forms of marketing.


The advent of the internet provided consumers with a new method of gauging products/services. They crowdsource reviews regarding whatever they want to purchase. The nature of reviews on a product/service then determine whether a modern consumer will consider it or not. Experts refer to the new consumer behavior as the “Power of the Crowd.” Modern companies including Fabletics are responding to the consumer behavior with “Review-Centric” marketing strategies.


Fabletics, an activewear company, joined the fashion industry in 2013. The athleisure company was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. However, a look at Fabletics three years down the line reveals that the company has output impressive performance, and it is on its way to dethroning some of the leading brands in the activewear business. And it is not because Kate is a famous actress or the fact Ressler and Goldenberg are experienced business-minded people with in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry owing to their involvement with TechStyle Fashion Group. The success is merely the result of understanding the Information Age consumers and adopting a marketing strategy that resonates well with them: review-centric.


How does Fabletics implement a review-centric marketing approach? It seems that the initial step to successfully using the approach is establishing an unbeatable online presence. Studies reveal that consumers search for products online and the easier they find a company, the better. Fabletics’ online presence through its website,, and numerous blogs is enviable. A simple search for an athleisure clothing reveals that Fabletics is among the top companies displayed by search engines (e.g., Google).


Closely related to the displayed results is the nature of reviews on the company or the products/services offered by the business. Fabletics’ activewear clothing being superior, stylish, and reasonably priced receive overwhelmingly positive reviews. Kate is one of the clients that review the company’s activewear clothing. Every month, she reviews specific Fabletics’ products, her reviews tend to be trusted by many clients as she is a public figure. Studies reveal that consumers trust reviews as they would trust product/service recommendation from someone they know.


About Kate Hudson


Kate, 38, rose to fame in the start of the century because of her captivating role in the movie “Almost Famous.’’ Since then, she has developed a successful career in Hollywood. Now, she is no longer just an actress but also an entrepreneur.


Ressler and Goldenberg partnered with Kate because her athletic physique is enough testimony that she leads an active lifestyle. Kate is passionate about empowering women to lead active lifestyles, and Fabletics perfectly conform to her goals. Her partners describe her as a hands-on business-minded individual.

Wolfe Standing Strong After Attempts Made to Buy Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is quickly making a name for herself. When people think of influential women, they think of Wolfe. That’s because she’s become a pioneer for women everywhere. Wolfe is the founder and CEO of a popular app called Bumble. Bumble is the latest in a long line of online dating apps. That’s because online dating has basically become the way of the future. It’s perfect for those who are too busy or too shy to try and meet people face to face. Wolfe has found a way to set Bumble apart from the rest.

Women call all the shots in Bumble. They are the ones who get to decide who they want to match with, who they want to chat with, and who they ultimately want to meet up with . This is different from all of the other apps where either men make the decision or it’s a 50/50 decision.

Bumble works by letting users sign up through Facebook, create a profile, and browse singles nearby. Many women shy away from online dating app creating because they fear for their safety. Wolfe has changed all that with her app. Women can only be contacted by those they feel comfortable with. It seems that Wolfe is gaining a lot of attention for her smart thinking when crafting an app.

According to Forbes, Match Group interested in buying her app with a pretty little price tag attached to it. They allegedly offered her $450 million for the app. Wolfe declined. That’s because Match Group owns the other popular dating apps such as Tinder, Match, and OKCupid. Nothing has been confirmed on the proposed deal yet but one source says that this deal was made to undermine Bumble. If Wolfe agreed it would also mean that she’d be working for the company that she tried to sue a few years back.

It doesn’t look like the deal will be happening though and that’s great for women who are into online dating. They come to Bumble because they like to feel safe and they like to have the ball in their court.

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Fabletics Business Model Acts as a Three in One

Oscar nominated Kate Hudson who starred in, “Almost Famous” (2000); “Bride Wars” (2009) and “How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days” (2003), is now part founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is a three-fold enterprise. It is, first, an online subscription business and, secondly, a business that has stores across the United States and five other countries and thirdly, an ‘online then shop at a retail store near you’. Nearly 100 stores are to open by the end of the year 2021.


The online subscription business operates by shoppers signing up for a monthly subscription with a promise to purchase. If the shopper decides not to purchase by the fifth of the month, they owe nothing. If, however, they do decide to make a purchase they then have the option of selecting a product or products by the fifth of the month. The shopper can also opt out by declining by the fifth; thereby owing nothing and they can still purchase any item or items at any time during the month for a family member; friend or themselves.


The items? Women’s Athletic wear; sports bras; swimwear; summer wear; accessories and more. In addition, plus sizes are included. Visit Fabletics website; on your mobile and have her fashion at your fingertips.


What’s also included is the option to view the items, first online, then go into the Fabletics store and actually purchase the items. This, reverse showroom business method, has earned the company more than 250 million dollars in its first three years of business. Thus in actuality, there are three ways to purchase the Fabletics products: Solely online; solely in store and solely the reverse showroom method.


Fabletics is even selling on Amazon but is a successful enterprise without Amazon because of the Fabletics retail store sales plus online combination. Fabletics built it’s brick and mortar stores in 2015. There are videos; updates; VIP memberships and more which forces the competition to constantly try to catch up to them but they are just running alongside them at best. There’s even a Lifestyle Quiz that you can take which will not just match your personality to their styles but still allows you to pick and choose what you want.


It is said that Kate Hudson is hands on but that is an understatement. She really appears to wear the athleisure fashions. The patterns explode; the string style tops curves the body; the sports bras are easily eye-catching enough to wear on a night on the town. They are so fashionable; you can wear them with athletic shoes or heels. She may not have had business experience prior to launching Fabletics but she does now. To this day, she is part of a business model that delivers products of exceptional quality: thick not thin fabrics; fabrics that move with you and turn heads of those working out next to you. Yes, Kate Hudson may not have had business experience before but she sure has it now.

The Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt Tells the Stories of Americans on the Bus, and Everyone Has a Story

Culture and art come in many different forms. It can be contemporary, futuristic, modern, or historic, but when the subject is ordinary people and their stories, this is reality in its most basic form.

The Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt is an expose of those who travel on a Greyhound bus. Doug traveled over 120,000 miles, back and forth across the country talking with those who also were traveling by bus. Levitt documented his 13 years on the road with photos, videos, writings, and a one-man show that he has performed in small venues since he left the Greyhound bus.

He left home with his guitar, camera and the initiative to meet and interview the people he encountered. After a short while, he says that the road became a way of life for him as he continued his phenomenal journeys. The Greyhound Diaries tell the stories of Americans who are not in the middle and upper class but are the lower class culture who carry the baggage that is associated with that level of society.

Levitt himself was born and raised in Washington D.C. by two parents who very active in the political arena. Doug was a part of this lifestyle, and when he was 16, his father committed suicide. When he graduated, he became a foreign war correspondent based in London and was often sent to Syria, Iraq, or Indonesia for CNN news.

No two days were ever alike on the Greyhound bus. On his last trip, he shared that he sat next to a neo-nazi for 20 hours who had just been released from prison. Doug shared that it was not unusual to meet an ex-con just released because the state typically sent prisoners who were released back to the town where they were arrested. These were the individuals who Doug interview daily.

The stories of America start to unravel as Levitt journeys in his Diary. It stopped being a travel project and became real life as Doug listened to the thousands of stories of poverty, addiction and mental illness that surrounded him. The Greyhound Diaries reveal it all.

Quality workout apparel you can afford at Fabletics

When looking for workout apparel, it seems like you often only have two choices. You can either purchase the stylish, expensive brands, but you won’t be able to afford more than one or two pieces of clothing. You could also go the bargain brand route and get more outfits, but often they fall apart or fade after just a few workouts, making it a waste of your money. Until 2013, there was no middle ground in the workout apparel industry. Then Fabletics was launched with the help of Kate Hudson. Fabletics set out to fill the gap between expensive brands and bargain brands, bringing the best of both of them to the table. Fabletics offers quality, stylish workout gear, similar to the expensive brands, but offers them to you for a price similar to the bargain brands.


Fabletics started selling their outfits with a membership subscription service. Their members pay a monthly fee and they receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to them each month. This business model has proven wildly successful and they have become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. Their success online has lead them to open physical stores to serve their customers. This may seem contrary to the way trends in shopping seem to be heading. Many physical retailers are losing business when customers come in to see their goods in person, but then purchase online when they find them at a better price. Fabletics is using their stores to implement a reverse showroom technique. When their customers come in their stores and try items on, the item also goes into their online shopping cart, so they can purchase it at a later time if desired. Their stores work hand in hand with the website to make sales, instead of competing with each other. They also use their stores to get to know the communities that they serve. They get to know the trends and styles that are popular and can tailor their offerings to those preferences. Their stores also help grow their loyal monthly membership. As many as half of those that enter their stores are already members. However, another quarter of those customers then sign-up to be monthly members while they are in the store. This creates more loyal members that come back month after month.


In addition to their low prices and excellent customer service, customers return month after month because of the high-quality clothing they receive. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick, so you won’t have the see through issues that you can experience with some brands. Their clothing does not fade after many washings, so you can look fantastic even after many workouts. Their outfits also hold their shape and compression, so you can get the support you need for each of your workouts. When you get excellent quality for a fantastic price, it makes you feel like a smart shopper and it keeps you coming back month after month. Their clothes are always stylish and offer the latest trends, so you will always look your best.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Why Evolution Of Smooth Is The Millennial Favorite

The New Kid On The Block

The lip balm market is vast but there are currently only a few powerful brands in control of it all. Generally speaking, it is assumed most consumers are loyal to their particular brand of lip balm and would refuse to switch to another brand. However, Evolution of Smooth, one of the more recent lip balm brands, has defied this thinking dramatically. In fact, it now enjoys popularity as the 2nd most popular brand of lip balm in the United States.

Millennial Women Are Behind It

When the founders of Evolution of Smooth wanted to market their product, they specifically chose to target Millennial women. Many in the lip balm industry assumed that lip balm was a unisex product, but the research conducted by EOS lip balm revealed that women were using lip balm at much higher rates than men. This led them to create a brand of lip balm specifically meant for women. This decision was an excellent one, and Evolution of Smooth quickly took off as one of the most popular brands in general among Millennial women. Their products are being sold at the shelves of Walmart and Target, Online stores like Amazon and eBay sell EOS too.Now other companies are following EOS and releasing lip balm with similar designs.

The Unbelievable Success

The success of Evolution of Success is amazing considering the product and its market. On average, EOS lip balm sells about 1 million units a week. This success has allowed the company to generate more than $250 million in profits over the course of its existence. This success wasn’t something anyone expected, but it clearly shows Evolution of Smooth has struck gold. The company is so successful it is even branching out into other personal care markets. There are now EOS lotions and EOS shaving creams available for purchase. If the past is indication the future looks bright for Evolution of Smooth.


Discovering EOS Lip Balm

The companies that fail to utilize social media will fail to succeed. This is just a reality. More people are cutting their cable bills so television marketing is not as effective as it once was. The only real way that you can market a product is to go where the people are spending the majority of their time. The millions of viewers on websites like Instagram and Twitter have made it evident that this is where consumers are spending a large majority of their time. That may be the reason why the Evolution of Smooth has been able to shine in the lip balm industry. This company has founders that have recognize the importance of this, and they have done what it takes to lure customers directly through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Evolution of Smooth has become the type of company that is emerging victoriously as one of the top companies when it comes to solutions for smooth lips. This brand of lip balm is 100% natural. It is also 95% organic, and that is the buzz word that people want to hear these days. Well, that is only a small fraction of the EOS lip balm success story though. It is obvious that this brand has been able to move up the ladder very quickly, and there is a reason for this success. It is linked to the celebrity buzz that is surrounding this company.

The celebrities are giving this lip balm from EOS their seal of approval. That is what the Internet is really buzzing about. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have been seen with it. The Evolution of Smooth ( Lip Balm spheres have also been used by members of One Direction. When pictures of these celebrities using their products surface online it is difficult to ignore this product. Celebrities always lure customers.




Fabletics- A Whole New Take On Yoga Pant Revivals

Have you heard about Fabletics? If you haven’t, it’s a new company that started trying to get you to join their yoga pant revival. The one thing they offer you that people seem to love is the fact that they have yoga pants, of good quality no less, for extremely low prices. So the question now lies, is it worth trying out for a simple deduction on the cost of yoga pants? Let’s give it a look:

The Hook Line is $25 For a Whole Outfit- Shipped Even

  1. The apparel is trendy and affordable, a big plus I must say.
  2. In order to get me to order, they give me a big discount with my first purchase.
  3. The co-founder, maybe you’ve heard of her, Kate Hudson wants more people to feel good about themselves.

The problem with this is that it is only your first outfit that cost $25. In order to continue getting a lower cost outfit, you must join their VIP list and this will still only get you an outfit that is $49.95. .The VIP membership will be great if you want to continue getting an outfit each and every month. Many people enjoy their leggings and I’m sure that if you join, you will enjoy them as well.

The yoga pants are great for people who have a little junk in the trunk and they want to wear something that is going to hold them in instead of letting things jingle in all the wrong places. The size for L to XL is going to be great for people who need to work out but have trouble keeping things in. The yoga pants are great for the gym or simply working out at home.

If you try it out and decide that it is not for you or that you don’t want to spend the money on one outfit per month, you can simply call the customer service department to cancel your membership, make sure to do so before your card ends up being charged however. You can also visit their website to cancel and this will make it canceled right away.

Fabletics is an online retail subscription selling athletic wear. It’s not just athletic wear but termed “athleisure” wear. Reviews indicated that its very comfortable and the styles look amazing. The low prices and yoga pants are every women’s dream. Now you get them as a monthly subscription. Every month between the first and fifth you decide whether you want to “shop or skip“. If you decide to shop, Fabletics picks out and ships the perfect outfit for you. This is done through a personal survey that you take when signing up for this service. When completing this option, your credit card will be charged $49.95. If you decide to skip, between the first and fifth, no action will be taken. No outfits and no charge will be made to your card. If you decide to do nothing or forget, you will be charged $49.95 and have a credit of one outfit that you have to use. This is where it could get expensive if you continually forget to “shop or skip.” For your first order, you receive steep discounts of $25 for your outfit which should get you in the door. At anytime you have the ability to cancel if you feel you don’t need to keep ordering yoga pants.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders, is a model for the athletic wear. She goes above and beyond, utilizing her own cell phone to take actions shots in her Fabletics outfit during workouts. This connects with customers in a unique way. The company opened in October of 2013. The majority of business is completed through online subscription mentioned earlier. Now brick and mortar stores are popping up around the country. Expansion into Europe occurred into 2015 along with a new men’s outlet called FL2, launch with Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver.


The passion of the company is enhancing activity through comfortable clothing. The latest craze is for women to wear leggings and the styles available are off the charts.

If you are interested in finding some great fitting leggings, hand picked out for you every month for a reasonable price, look no further! Check out Fabletics!


Wengie offers up her ideas for everyday issues

Wengie outlines her ten ideas on how to rectify the everyday issues encountered in her video entitled, “Wengie Life Hacks”. She starts the video by solving the issue of lint accumulating on sweaters. Simply use a razor to scrape off the excessive lint and the sweater will look as new as when you purchased it. If one struggles with pulling keys from a key ring, try using a staple remover. Attaching the staple remover to the ring and turning it allows one to pull keys on and off without tearing up your finger nails. Car keys also come in handy when one is trying to remember everything needed prior to departing the house. Put your keys on top of anything that one wants to remember so the stack of belongings is not forgotten. If folding clothes is put off, try placing them on your bed so one has to fold them prior to turning in for the evening.

Trash can get messy, notably when liquids are thrown out. Place newspaper on the bottom of the trash can to prevent a mess. In addition, add a removable utility hook to the side of the can to keep the lining tight to prevent further spills. Many struggle remembering what food items are low in their refrigerator, take a picture of the food items one has prior to departing for the store so one will know what needs to be replenished. Breakfast cereal is a popular item, yet the bottom of the box has many crumbs most want to avoid. Use a colander to sift the cereal so the crumbs can be rid of.