Wolfe Standing Strong After Attempts Made to Buy Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is quickly making a name for herself. When people think of influential women, they think of Wolfe. That’s because she’s become a pioneer for women everywhere. Wolfe is the founder and CEO of a popular app called Bumble. Bumble is the latest in a long line of online dating apps. That’s because online dating has basically become the way of the future. It’s perfect for those who are too busy or too shy to try and meet people face to face. Wolfe has found a way to set Bumble apart from the rest.

Women call all the shots in Bumble. They are the ones who get to decide who they want to match with, who they want to chat with, and who they ultimately want to meet up with . This is different from all of the other apps where either men make the decision or it’s a 50/50 decision.

Bumble works by letting users sign up through Facebook, create a profile, and browse singles nearby. Many women shy away from online dating app creating because they fear for their safety. Wolfe has changed all that with her app. Women can only be contacted by those they feel comfortable with. It seems that Wolfe is gaining a lot of attention for her smart thinking when crafting an app.

According to Forbes, Match Group interested in buying her app with a pretty little price tag attached to it. They allegedly offered her $450 million for the app. Wolfe declined. That’s because Match Group owns the other popular dating apps such as Tinder, Match, and OKCupid. Nothing has been confirmed on the proposed deal yet but one source says that this deal was made to undermine Bumble. If Wolfe agreed it would also mean that she’d be working for the company that she tried to sue a few years back.

It doesn’t look like the deal will be happening though and that’s great for women who are into online dating. They come to Bumble because they like to feel safe and they like to have the ball in their court.

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