It’s FreedomPop For Me Or Nothing At All

I chose to take a break from my phone company because I finally got out of the contract that I had been in for two years, and even though they offered me a contract-free phone service, I still felt like there was a hidden agenda underneath their offer. I read a FreedomPop review that changed my mind about going to another company, so I chose FreedomPop instead. I had my phone unlocked when I was with my previous company, so I just needed to get a sim card from FreedomPop in order to use it on their network.

The first thing I noticed when I started using their services is the clear calls I was getting. Every call went through perfectly fine without the same problems that I was having for years with my other company. Although my previous company did fix the problems with the bad phone calls, it was still bothersome, especially since I couldn’t switch to any other carrier at the time. Another thing I have to notate about FreedomPop is their extremely low prices for cell phone service, which absolutely blows me away. I signed a contract to get low prices with my other company, but the prices were never as low as FreedomPop’s prices.

I’m only paying $20 every month for my service, which is nowhere near what I was paying to the other company. I’m now saving $60 each month, which is absolutely crazy because it gives me extra spending money. I also like that I have unlimited data, which was a problem with my previous company. Although my plan cost me $80 each month with my previous wireless company, the data was limited, and I had to pay for extra data once I went over the 2 GB limit. With FreedomPop, I have unlimited data for only $20.

I also came to find out that FreedomPop doesn’t just have cell phone service but portable hotspots, Wi-Fi service, home Internet service, and they also sell all kinds of phones and tablets. Learning more about FreedomPop has turned me on to several of their services, which I will probably end up getting in the future. With such low costs for cell phone service, I can only imagine how low the costs are for their other services, so I’m definitely open to obtaining as many services from FreedomPop as I possibly can.

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