Everything You Need To Know About George Soros

George Soros is a Hungary native who was born in 1930 in Budapest. He has gone on to become the greatest investor, wealthiest man and hedge fund manager on politico.com. Soros left Hungary in 1947 and went to England where he joined the London School of Business and graduated in 1952.His first job was an entry level job in a London investment bank.

After working for four years he left for the United States where George Soros became an analyst and investor manager at F.M Mayer. He worked for the firm for three years before moving to Wertheim &Co where he worked for four years. He finally moved to Arnhold&S.Bleichroeder where he worked from 1963 to 1973.He left the company to form his own hedge fund firm which he named the Soros Fund Management.

His hard work ethic saw his firm grow and develop into a huge and respected firm that he later rebranded to Quantum Fund on nybooks.com. He was involved in the day to day operations of the company and this saw him make yearly returns of over 100 % and excessive returns of 30%.He become one of the wealthiest people in the late 80s and he decided to slow down on the management of his company. George Soros opened the Open Society Foundation where he donated large amounts of his money to various philanthropic causes.

George is a political activist who is vocal on political and world issues such as education, political freedom and human rights. He has written books on http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/ and given lectures on political issues and the role of the United States of America as the world’s super power. Soros has an honorary degree from the Oxford University which recognizes his role in the financial, political and philanthropic world.

Soros has a unique investment strategy at http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/ that has seen him make plenty of strides in his career. He has a knack for giving correct economic predictions that have seen him make high leverage currencies and Bonds. Soros knows that the financial markets are chaotic and he therefore observes the market for a short period before making a move. The pricing of currencies, bonds and securities are factors that are influenced by traders and human beings who usually make the decisions based on their emotions and not statistics and logic. This is proven by the fact that traders create the pricing according to what they are feeling at the moment disregarding the impacts their decisions will have in the future.

Soros is an accomplished author with five books to his name four of which he has personally written. His first book the Alchemy of Finance was written in 1988.Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead Of The Curve was his second book which was published in 1995.He wrote his third book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism in 2001 and his fourth book the Bubble Of American Supremacy: Correcting The Misuse Of American Power was published in 2003.Michael Kaufman did a biography on Soros in 2002 which was titled Soros: The life And Times Of A Messianic Billionaire.