A Look at Daniel Mark Harrison, the Cryptocurrency Expert

In a recent post, Monkey announced that they would be changing their domain name from Monkey.Capital to Monkey.com. The acquisition fee was at five hundred thousand dollars, however, Daniel Mark Harrison the leader of the company that is based in Singapore said that through this domain name the company would gain much more than what they paid the American company that had been the initial owner since nineteen ninety-four.

Daniel, a current managing partner at Monkey Capital, made a statement to the Blog NamePros after the sale of the domain name, he stated that his firm was quickly rising to the top in the Blockchain Development sector which he attributed to the support of more than a thousand digital assets users. Harrison claimed that through this successful sale Monkey was in a position to continue rising as we as expand in a variety of asset marketplaces. Additionally, he said that the amount of profit that will be gained over just one decade would be so much greater than what he initially bought the domain name at.

Harrison has gained a lot of respect in the Cryptocurrency sector, he has made some remarkable steps in this field. Through the years, Daniel has gained a variety of skills he is an excellent entrepreneur, an amazing author with a few famous books. He was described as a journalist, author, Editor-in-chief, publisher, an inventor in the Factory Banking sector, a serial entrepreneur, an enthusiast of the Bitcoin 2.0 by Isabella Kaminski on a post in the Financial Times. Harrison’s success has come through his hard work and determination, his education has also played a great role in creating the man he is now.

He started his higher education in nineteen ninety-eight to nineteen ninety-nine at the University of Oxford where he received a BA in Theology, in 2005 to 2006 at Bi Norwegian Business School he received a Master’s in Business Administration later in 2008 he attained a Master’s degree in Business Journalism at the University of New York.

Daniel Mark Harrison has nurtured companies since he dedicated his life to being the best in the business and through his work thousands of lives have been changed for the better.

Louis Chenevert: An Aviation Industry Innovator

In today’s competitive business world, it takes a special person to not only stand out from the competition, but to also produce amazing results within their industry. This has been especially true in the aerospace industry, where tough economic times in recent years have made it even more difficult for companies to succeed. However, while many industry leaders faltered along the way, Louis Chenevert brought new and exciting ideas to the industry. As a result, not only has he been able to transform United Technologies Corporation into a company that sets the standard for success, but he himself has garnered awards such as being named Person of the Year by the prestigious trade magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology.

While Louis has worked at various major worldwide companies such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney, it was his work at United Technologies Corporation that truly set him apart from other business executives. As the company’s CEO and Chairman, Louis headed the company during one of the most tumultuous economic times in world history. However, rather than accepting the possibility of failure, Louis instead introduced new ideas and policies that allowed the interests of customers, shareholders, and others to remain a top priority.

Using the knowledge gained through years of business executive experience as well as through his Bachelor’s degree in Production Management, Louis took on the challenges faced by UTC and was determined to succeed. For starters, he chose to ignore what was then the industry standard of outsourcing production and offshoring wholesale policies. Instead, he continued to invest in the company’s workforce and technology, making the company stronger by helping it lead the way in innovation. Emphasizing military and commercial contracts, UTC was able to avoid mass layoffs of engineers, keeping it well ahead of the competition. And even more impressively, while CEO of UTC, share prices rose an astounding 200 percent, going from $37 to $117.

Demonstrating time and again a unique ability to overcome the most complex challenges in the business world, Louis Chenevert has indeed proven himself to be an executive with amazing business abilities. He is currently an exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs.

Mike Baur: The Swiss Startups Mentor of All Time

From a young age, Mike Baur had passion and love for the banking sector. From his childhood growing up in Fribourg, Switzerland Mike hoped one day he would turn his passion for the financial industry into reality and run a great career. It is this drive that when school he undertook studies that complimented his dreams. Mike is a highly educated and hold two Masters. One, an executive MBA from the University of Rochester and another MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike Baur has worked for the some of the largest Swiss banks. He has not only worked as an ordinary employee but he has held some very seniors positions in the banks. Some of these banks are Salifort and the Clariden. After his long career in the banking sector, Mike retired and went ahead to start his own business establishments.

Mike had not only joined the banking sector blindly just for the employment. It is not a career where he wanted to grow old in and retire normally. He had joined the financial sector with a plan. He wanted to gain knowledge and experience on how to run a business profitably. He did not want to, mess up the same way inexperienced people do. He needed that experience not only for his own purpose but to use the knowledge to lead other entrepreneurs who might not have the same financial prudence as he had. When he finally quit the banking sector he was ready to enter the entrepreneurship world with confidence. He had all the tools he needed to build his own company.

After leaving the banking sector, Mike Baur came up with one brilliant idea. To start the Swiss Startup Factory. This is an establishment that would be dedicated to helping upcoming and new entrepreneurs to build their ideas into companies and big businesses. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur had a chance to mentor entrepreneurs on what they needed to successfully build their own companies. Swiss Startup Factory was the first of its kind in Switzerland. No other company or person had thought of such a noble idea that not only help the individuals owning the companies but one that boosts the economy of a country. Startups also add more value to the people since most of them are put up to address the gaps or needs that are in existence among the people. Mike Baur has shown complete devotion and dedication to his work like has never been seen in the history of Switzerland when it comes to matters of encouraging start-ups.



More Jobs, More Technology by Louis Chenevert

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) invests in you today to help innovate a better future. In 3 years, UTC is going to hire 25,0000 people in the United States, and 5,000 new positions to innovate the company. And as an employee, people can enter our Employee Scholar Program to earn new degrees while UTC pays for the education. UTC pledges to continue investing in its people, thanks to former CEO, Louis Chenevert.

Born in Quebec, Louis Chenevert earned his bachelor degree of commerce in production management from HEC Montreal. He worked at General Motors for 14 years as their production general manager in St.therese. In 1993,  Pratt & Whitney technologies hired him and he became the company president from April 1999 to March 2006. In March 2006, he was elected as United Technologies Corporations president and CEO. Chenevert became chief executive and CEO of United Technology Corporation in 2008, and Chairman by 2010.

It’s difficult to raise a business in Hartford, Connecticut with its high tax rates, foreign competitions, heavy regulations, and indifference to popular trends. Yet as the head of UTC, Louis Chenevert increased the company payout rate by 10%the company continued to meet the state dividend payments for 77 years straight. And when United Technology Corporation was experiencing a recession by the time Louis was CEO, he increased the company share price from low $37 dollars to $117 dollars.  And he increased the net change and return values of UTC in Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 index stocks that continue to increase today.  He stopped his company job cuts that most companies would outsource overseas by transferring hundreds of his engineers to Connecticut so they could have flexibility doing UTC’s military and commercial projects.

Chenevert was CEO of United Technologies Corp until December 8, 2014. And on September 8, 2015, he became executive advisor Goldman Sachs merchant banking division, advising other businesses in aerospace and industrial sectors he worked his life through.

Watch Chenevert speak:

Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Appoints John Bell

Securus Technologies, a criminal and civil justice company, has managed to expand its product portfolio to over 800 products in the past three years. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith, has hired a senior sales executive, John Bell, to complement the growing portfolio. The new executive will be in charge of developing a high-tech software-based sales team. As the senior vice president, Mr. Bell is expected to enhance the company’s sales function. Rick Smith said that they have spent $600 million to acquire and develop numerous efficiency, safety and security-related products for the law enforcement and correctional facilities. He explained that it was necessary to recruit someone having extensive experience in transforming and developing sales teams. Rick praised Bell’s success and professionalism in transforming organizational cultures and enhancing performance to deliver results. Bell is also credited for developing outstanding sales leaders, an experience that draws on his 35 years of practice. Read more on Crunchbase.com

Previously, John Bell worked for IBM, a high tech company, reputable for high integrity standards and premier sales. He went to Holy Cross before proceeding to Wharton School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management. He has also worked for NTT Verio, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. Bell will be in charge of the 100-member sales team. He will work closely with the existing sales vice president, Josh Conklin. The two leaders will partner in improving the company’s products, maximize the use of Securus Technology Center and develop innovative sales associate training program. Mr. Smith commented that Securus will easily win all contracts provided that their clients understand all the details of their products. Rick Smith posited that there was need to evolve the sales team to enable them to present the products, which have evolved over the years, more effectively. Securus Technologies offers world-class services such as public information, emergency response, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, investigation, and incident management. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have a huge client base of over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies.

Securus Technologies seeks to protect the society by solving and preventing crimes committed by the incarcerated. Research reveals that the company has been receiving emails about making incarceration a safer alternative to letting loose criminals to create fear among the public. Richard Smith said that Securus Technologies is developing innovative products that will aid in preventing social problems in the society. He added that Securus receives numerous emails and letters highlighting customer appreciation for their efficient services. They release weekly product and service development proposals to their customers for purposes of enhancing public safety. Mr. Smith insisted that protecting and serving the community is part of their corporate culture. The company incorporates the most advanced technologies to develop civil and criminal justice solutions. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Flavio Maluf – Is The Eucatex Group CEO

Born on December 2, 1961 in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is currently the CEO of Eucatex Group – an environmentally friendly and innovative organization that uses special substances to produce their items. Flavio is a graduate of FAAP in São Paulo whereby he pursued Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Flavio has been operating at Eucatex from 1987 whereby he started with trade area prior to shifting to industrial sector within the organization. In 1996, His uncle, the then leader of Eucatex by the time welcomed him to join the official team of the organization. Because of good outcomes and the immense accomplishment of the organization, a family agreement between members and all the people involved saw Flavio endorsed to take the position of President in Eucatex Group in 1997 the position he holds currently. Flavio fundamentally concentrates on development and intensely puts resources into launching of new products within the organization.

Established in 1951, Eucatex Group is the primary Brazilian organization to envisage the environmental and acoustic comfort. The company utilizes eucalyptus as the raw material in making panels and sheets. The initiation of their first processing plant, now referred as Unit plates, was conducted in 1954, within Salto – São Paulo. There, the organization started its procedure of creating acoustic ceilings and soft wood fiber panels. Later, Eucatex commenced to produce acoustic and insulation panels.

Right now, Eucatex is the second biggest maker of wood fiber boards within the foreign market, with 41% market share. In 1996, Eucatex begun to make MDP boards and right now has a market share of 16% in this section in Brazil. Moreover, Eucatex is the local pioneer in producing insulating products, wall partitions and ceiling lining items, divider parcels, besides working in flooring and door markets.

The modern development of Eucatex has dependably been related with the increment of its planted forests, which guarantees the constant supply of vital raw materials for the organization, eucalyptus wood. The firm mainly deals with civil and furniture construction sector, whereby each of the segment is 35% and 48% of its revenue, respectively. Flavio anticipates of taking the Company even to higher levels. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3

Highland Capital Management Among Top Investment Firms

Dallas, Texas based investment firm Highland Capital Management is one of the top financial services companies in the world. The firm has established itself as a leader in managing a number of debt and credit backed financial securities. It specializes in offering collateralized loan obligations which help numerous institutional investors efficiently manage debt. Over the course of its existence, Highland Capital Management has proven to provide a wide range of financial services that help a number of investors more easily manage their capital. Along with its success in providing comprehensive financial services, Highland Capital Management has also expanded to other locales. It has an office in New York City and has established other locations in key world cities such as Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. As a result, Highland Capital has been able to establish itself as an international financial services firm.

Before Highland Capital Management emerged as a top financial services firm, it started out as a more modest company specializing in life insurance. Beginning in the year 1990, finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company after working in the industry for a number of years. As a life insurance company, the firm would quickly establish itself as a trustworthy provider of one of the most valuable insurance policies on the market. With its reputation of being a trustworthy life insurance company, the firm would establish a loyal client base. While the firm was very successful as a life insurance company, it looked to broaden its offerings of financial services. During the 1990’s decade, Highland Capital Management would begin to expand on its offering of various financial products and services. This would help the firm become one of the very best in the industry.

In 1996, Highland Capital would begin offering a unique product known as collateralized loan obligations. This allowed the firm to become the first financial services company to offer such a thing other than commercial banks. With this new product, Highland Capital was able to provide a more efficient way to help clients oversee their credit and debt. Along with offering collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital Management would being offering financial advisory services to assist individuals with their financial planning and retirement. It would offer asset management to help companies more efficiently manage their various sources of capital. The firm would also begin offering wealth management services to help individuals manage their investment portfolios. Today, Highland Capital serves a wide range of clients in need of comprehensive financial services. It provides services to pension fund investors, government entities, individuals and corporations.


Rona Borre: Global Headhunter

Rona Borre has been featured by CNBC, USA Today

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance is a private firm that specializes in staffing companies with IT and Financial professionals. The firm is based out of Chicago but operates on a global scale. The legend is that Rona Borre founded the company in the spare room of her condo in 2001.
Rona Borre has a degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. She began her career in 1995 as an accountant. Within a year she became a senior accountant executive at Sapphire Technologies, a global staffing company. Borre excelled at Sapphire by exceeding sales goals and the company’s benchmarks. This would give her the leverage to start up Instant Technology LLC in 2001 with a $100,000 loan.
Instant Technology would eventually evolve into Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance’s mission is to recruit high quality professional talent for growing companies. They accomplish this by partnering with trade associations and utilizing their team of expert talent seekers. They primarily deal with information technology and financial staffing. They recruit IT personnel to collaborate with their clients’ IT initiatives and human resource needs. They recruit financial personnel to support their clients’ financial executives.

Watch her here on youtube.com
Rona Borre has been instrumental in Instant Alliance becoming a global player. She is considered a leading female entrepreneur. She has been recognized as Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine. Rona Borre has been featured by CNBC, USA Today and CNN for her accomplishments.  Check her on vimeo.com.

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Mike Baur: The Man, The Mentor, The Entrepreneur

When you’re a teenager that’s fascinated with Banking and Finance, it’s only fitting that you get a job in the banking industry. When you’ve invested decades of your life working for a company doing what you love most, it seems that retirement would be the final step. For Mike Baur, retiring was the furthest thing from his mind. After having a successful twenty-year career in Swiss banking, Mike decided that is was time to do something different. He spent twenty years doing what he loved and he was now ready to start a career doing something that he was passionate about-mentoring.

Mike was raised in Fribourg, a small town located in Switzerland. At an early age, Mike began working as a commercial apprentice for UBS. He eventually served as an executive board member for the Clariden Leu and Sallfort; one of the largest private banks in Switzerland. He has MBA from University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from University of Berne.

In 2014 Mike, along with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, founded the privately funded company Swiss Start Up Factory. SSUF provides a much-needed platform for ambitious individuals the tools and expertise needed to become a startup. SSUF currently offers a three month-long Startup Accelerator program, during which the client is coached and mentored with the proper strategies for building and maintaining a business. Once this program is over, many will walk away armed with the right tools and mentality needed to be profitable.

Three years later, SSUF is the number one totally independent and privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Since then, SSUF has launched several successful startups such as Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind. Whether your company is well-established or your a thriving entrepreneur, SSFU provides financial services such as cash flow reports, payroll management, tax & VAT reporting, and financial statements-all of which are needed to have an efficacious business.

Mike Baur is effortlessly leading young entrepreneurs onto the path of greatness and success. He also supports various Swiss Startups financially, as well as constantly mentoring, and most importantly-he provides opportunities and the necessary tools needed to become successful.

A Few Facts About Omar Boraie You Should Know

Omar Boraie is a man with a vision. Four decades ago, he had a vision of the current New Brunswick and has worked very hard to make the dream a reality through the different property developments he has done in the city. He is the President of Boarie Development LLC, a respected development company that has earned a lot of respect owing to its consistency in building phenomenal buildings that are modern and affordable to many people.

In a recent couple of years, Omar Boraie’s vision for New Brunswick has started to take shape. However, he is among the few persons who subscribed to the visionary school of thought and they were viewed as dreamer who like building castles in the air. He remembers the time he made a debut in the property development business as awful. The city was empty, and it was insecure past four to walk around. However, that situation did not deter him from looking at the bigger picture.

His first development, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One made a very significant change in changing the city’s view of how modern developments are supposed to be done. Upon completion, the building was able to accommodate 250,000 square feet of office space. Being a genius in fathoming on matters related to property development, Boraie saw the need for the city to have some top-flight residential units.

He went ahead and developed the One Spring Street Condominium building that had twenty-five units and currently the tallest building in the city. The building also accommodates not less than 120 residential units and forty thousand feet of office space. The same building has ten thousand feet of retail space as well as a parking garage with four hundred spaces and large outdoor spaces that can be used for barbecues.

Soon after the building was completed, it sold out in two months, and it triggered many to believe that the city had a lot of potential. However, Omar does not owe all the credit to himself when matters related to the city getting a new image are concerned.

Omar Boraie says that very many people have been involved in giving the city a new image. His latest development, The Aspire is a seventeen story residential high-rise building that is located next to the train station that connects to New York. The building charges $2,800 monthly for a two-bedroom apartment. The modern residential block had completely changed the way people view the city and more like it are expected to mushroom in other places.