Rona Borre The Entrepreneur

Rona Borre is an innovative young entrepreneur

Women and enterprising, this the new world order and the faster we come to terms with it the better. When we check out on this list, the one name that consistently pops out is Madam Rona Borre. An iconic figure in the niche of business, for sure a name has already left a mark.


Rona Borre is an innovative young entrepreneur with a company to show, Instant Alliance formed back at the start of the century, 2001. Borre is also a very visionary leader who commits most of his intellectual strength in establishing a new upcoming business. Rona does this by connecting and exposing the newbies to best opportunity in the industry.


With her vast experience, she sits on various boards, also holding various leadership roles in many prestigious organizations within Chicago. Among them includes Young President Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago and the renowned Chicago Networks.

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Then what about networking, she literary has a web of facilitators. With her success well publicized among the mainstream television networks countrywide, for the instant USA today, CNBS, CNN, Crain’s Chicago and CBS Chicago.  Check her video clips on


It takes commitment, patience, and absolute sense purpose to jiggle around all this. But to this Arizona University graduate with a BS in business, this was another opportunity to explore. These explorations nevertheless, have reaped some fruits for her, with several awards and honors to be manifested. To mention but a few, she was acknowledged as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by the Enterprising Women Magazine.

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