Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Shows A Family Can Still Run A Successful Business

The Sirotsky family are seen as some of the most important business people in Brazil as the family are the owners of the RBS Group of media companies, now under the direction and leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda. Becoming the leader of the RBS Group as the third generation of the Sirotsky family to do so, it may look to the outside world as if Duda Melzer has reached the end of the journey his career has been targeted towards since he began attending the Harvard School of Business.

However, Duda Melzer has not simply limited his work to that with the RBS Group, but has also looked to secure the future of the Company and his own family through the development of a number of different areas and businesses. On terms of the RBS Group the company has spent a large amount of time under Duda Melzer’s leadership exploring the many options open in new business areas, such as digital media and the development of educational programs developed using Online platforms.

In an article on Globo, the work of Duda Melzer has seen the Sirotsky family look for new areas to explore in terms of the different areas of investment that included the creation of a major investment arm, eBricks. According to Acaert, Duda Melzer is in control of the eBricks group and has looked to diversify the investments made by the company in a bid to make sure the success of the family and its companies is not affected by a downturn in a single industry; the flagship company backed by Duda Melzer has been the largest South American Online wine marketplace that has become a part of the investment strategy established by Duda Melzer after completing his path towards taking control of the RBS Group.

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