Vinny Parascandola Offers Sound Financial and Insurance Advice through AXA Advisors

When an individual invests in property or business, a loss is usually unpredictable. Nobody can tell when there will be a loss of assets through floods, fire or theft. It happens that there are high chances of losing what an individual once considered their only property. To this end, an insurance company is vital. During the loss, a lot of charges arise from wanting to fix the problem. An insurance company is in the industry to provide assistance through lowering the costs of recovering the loss. Insurance companies accumulate funds to be able to meet an individual’s losses. That is why Vinny Parascandola of AXA Insurance gives advice on sound financial management and insurance. AXA is an insurance company focused on providing affordable insurance packages for clients.




To AXA, it is as simple as providing financial security for the customers and their families. The company has been providing stability and reliability to its clients since its establishment in 1859. The primary objective of AXA is helping clients to live happy and better lives combined with confidence and peace of mind. AXA is focused on making clients achieve their dreams and those of their loved ones through offering financial and insurance advice. AXA offers customers more than just a peace of mind. Most customers enjoy life having insured their property with this company because the team is more than qualified to offer the best insurance services at standard rates for everyone.


Vinny Parascandola’s Profile


Vinny Parascandola is the senior vice president of AXA Advisors. As the head cheerleader of the team, he is in charge of sales, management development, placement and recruitment of workers in senior departments, retention of employees and clients, monitoring of productivity and improvement of advanced and experienced professionals in the finance sector. Vinny has over twenty-five years experience in the industry of financial management and insurance. His career commenced at Prudential in 1987. He worked as an insurance agent. In that year, he bagged a public recognition by the name of National Rookie of the Year. In 1990, Vinny joined a life insurance company called MONY. He was in charge of management positions. Vinny Parascandola later joined AXA Advisors in 1994. He has seen the company grow into the best financial advisor in New York City.

Flavio Maluf – Is The Eucatex Group CEO

Born on December 2, 1961 in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is currently the CEO of Eucatex Group – an environmentally friendly and innovative organization that uses special substances to produce their items. Flavio is a graduate of FAAP in São Paulo whereby he pursued Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Flavio has been operating at Eucatex from 1987 whereby he started with trade area prior to shifting to industrial sector within the organization. In 1996, His uncle, the then leader of Eucatex by the time welcomed him to join the official team of the organization. Because of good outcomes and the immense accomplishment of the organization, a family agreement between members and all the people involved saw Flavio endorsed to take the position of President in Eucatex Group in 1997 the position he holds currently. Flavio fundamentally concentrates on development and intensely puts resources into launching of new products within the organization.

Established in 1951, Eucatex Group is the primary Brazilian organization to envisage the environmental and acoustic comfort. The company utilizes eucalyptus as the raw material in making panels and sheets. The initiation of their first processing plant, now referred as Unit plates, was conducted in 1954, within Salto – São Paulo. There, the organization started its procedure of creating acoustic ceilings and soft wood fiber panels. Later, Eucatex commenced to produce acoustic and insulation panels.

Right now, Eucatex is the second biggest maker of wood fiber boards within the foreign market, with 41% market share. In 1996, Eucatex begun to make MDP boards and right now has a market share of 16% in this section in Brazil. Moreover, Eucatex is the local pioneer in producing insulating products, wall partitions and ceiling lining items, divider parcels, besides working in flooring and door markets.

The modern development of Eucatex has dependably been related with the increment of its planted forests, which guarantees the constant supply of vital raw materials for the organization, eucalyptus wood. The firm mainly deals with civil and furniture construction sector, whereby each of the segment is 35% and 48% of its revenue, respectively. Flavio anticipates of taking the Company even to higher levels.