1. Amateurs use at least AES-256 encryption and store the key on a different device that you carry around in your pocket.

  2. Do you use DKMS? DKMS autoinstall has a bug that delete header files. Try to extract the missing headers from the pacman pkg cache and place them where they should be

  3. Did you know that old amd gpus don't have hardware temperature control therefore thay can melt/crack

  4. The story and the gameplay are really good, but the pc controls total trash. You need to literally hack the game to play it with a keyboard.

  5. Plot twist: it's under "Warcrimes of the 21st century"

  6. Yeah Dosbox is a pain and often doesnt work as it should. Always a bummer. At least some older games like Doom got various ports.

  7. Try to use the official version of dosbox to run the game. Many games include a glichy old version of dosbox

  8. I see all these foldable designs. Which part is this? Is it base game?

  9. The obstacles blend in the background too well. The controls feel weird, idq how to improve it.

  10. I will wait for the reviews. If the game is in a playabel state and not a buggy mess, I will buy it.

  11. If you use a compiler that’s even close to being modern you won’t have this issue lol

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