1. I have two daughters and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Biggest blessing in my life. Annoys me when people ask if we are going to try for a boy... Why tf would I want to break up these best of friends?... And the car upgrade that comes with 3 kids.

  2. Once you've hatched everything, there's really no need to keep buying them unless there's an event coming up.

  3. They drop good dust for just "walking"

  4. "Are you telling me to come into work knowing im sick? Seems a bit immoral, but if its what needs to be done I'll do it. Do we need to get anything cleared by HR? I dont want this to come back on either of us if others or god forbid patients get sick."

  5. I wouldn't use immoral. Unethical would be the preferred HR word.

  6. Use an alt account. For your main, best spoof options would be buying poke coins with Turkish lira and defit on an android.

  7. I've thought about doing this... But with my kids so young, I haven't had a legit game night in a while. It's still on the list

  8. Don't you know I'm still standin' better than I ever did? Lookin' like a true survivor, feelin' like a little kid And I'm still standin' after all this time Pickin' up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

  9. Can you type it up and post a link? Shit is hard to read

  10. The beloved ceramics teacher put a camera in the girls locker room and sold pics online of underage girls. Lots of shocked faces and pissed off women when he was found out.

  11. Good job! I wish more people did this

  12. Skull adds more to me. Could always darken it a bit if not happy with brightness.

  13. I'd brighten the faces a lot. They kind of blend in with the rest of the body. Highlights around the spooky eyes would bump it up a lot. Great job so far

  14. He stayed outside my place for a whole day

  15. Rocket leaders don't change during the day. If a stop is cliff, it will be cliff all day. They then randomly get reassigned to stops the next day

  16. I traded for a shiny. But it took me until today to finally pull one with lock on and flying press

  17. One things the pf2e tarrasque got right. Regen...and a range spike tail attack that launches spikes at the target. I don't play pf2e, but I do includes those traits on my tarrasque

  18. Honest question... You worried about pla cracking at all? Wouldn't nylon or a stronger plastic be better?

  19. With your roster I’d go dialga zacian kyogre or dialga zacian lugia.

  20. Gyarados and Lugia seem to be hard counters

  21. I personally use Zarude/Dialga/Mewtwo to good effect but have messed with Zacian taking Zarude in the composition as well. Most of what you threw out here can be used as decent team mates, so depending on where you’ve invested already I would work with that unless you’re swimming in dust/xls. Try some compositions in pvpoke, and keep in mind that Dialga will be prevalent throughout your matchups. Dragonite/metagross/excadrill also see a lot of play as budget xl options.

  22. My Zarude is 11/12/15. So not great but not horrible. I do have a 15/15/13 dragonite

  23. Good ML teams that work with, even if the rest of the team might not be included below:

  24. Can't seem to join... Cannot find raid error 32.

  25. Go to game settings > advanced settings > refresh game data. If this doesn't work, it's a Niantic problem. Wait for the 2 PM raids. If you still can't raid, go to a different timezone.

  26. Pokeminers even came out and said people can join elite raids. No one can. You'll hear more complaints are niantic just came out and said they want to do more stuff in person... And it's broken

  27. Looks at empty wallet and weeps. The AUd to USD conversion pushes this way outa my range... love the work though!

  28. If this is a 6 person group plus extras... 14ish... Total, then it's about $125/person. When you look at it that way, it's a lot more reasonable

  29. Is ho-oh really worth the grind? Worth a ETM if I'm able to get a 100 IV this round?

  30. Its useless, so it doesn't matter.

  31. Haha. Don't have shadow porygon2... But this is the reason I'll use my super radar. For the lock on frustration combo. Lol. Cuz why not?

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