1. Unpopular opinion - she’s not that hard. I summoned my clone and just offset my moves to continuously stagger her. If anything, hora loux slapped my tits way harder than her.

  2. I'm going to use whatever weapons drop with the expansion

  3. but with what weapon kill the enemy from whom this new weapon drops?

  4. I can assure you, no one beat her the first time in solo (except cheese builds). This is impossible if you did not know about her attacks in advance. The boss is designed so that it is physically impossible.

  5. Dark Souls 3 is the end of the series. It's like telling someone to watch Star Wars Return of the Jedi, or even Worse, rise of the Skywalker. Then go back and play A new hope.

  6. To 99% dont give f about lore. And FS not story driven game. Gameplay thats what most player atract

  7. "Added a feature that automatically restock arrows/projectiles and consumable items from the storehouse upon accessing a Battle Flag"

  8. I don't believe I'm saying this but Activision was actually a good publisher for the FS. Bandai Namco's policy is just awful! it actually hurts FS games.

  9. Lol why are you downvoting?XD Just look at the price history (on steamdb) and see how many times the FS games were on sale compared to Sekiro, which was published by Activision

  10. the sale is going on right now. Although you can see from the price history(steamdb), for example, that the last time the DS3 gets a discount is only in December 2021!! Whereas Sekiro participated in the last autumn sale (nov 2022) with the same 50% discount. So yes. Bandai Namco's policy is just awful!

  11. Nice! Your character looks great as well, willing to share your character code?

  12. missing a lot. Still a good game

  13. Co-op is originally for lazy people who don't want to learn the game themselves and get better. What are you complaining about. Thats pros game for "mass" audience

  14. You have very poor knowledge of the game. That's what happens when you run constantly with sammonsXD. Play by yourself to learn

  15. co-op ruined this game. Cool intense combat turns into beating babies

  16. Sammons and coop must to go. Only solo play

  17. Not for the invaderXD 90% time it will be 3 vs 1

  18. Do you need something specific besides raising the rank to 10? Will she just give it to me when I reach level 10?

  19. haha- i disable all partners too except for when i went for her set. as soon as you hit 10, it will 100% drop. the whole set and her staff. jade green staff has an awesome martial art on it.

  20. Don't even compare it to a normal bosses like Lu Bu, where a lot of effort has been put into creating a cool boss fight. When the developers did not try to make a good boss fight with an interesting design and attacks, but just threw three dudes on arena without balance or some tactics. I don't even feel anything just passing them and bruteforcing in late game. I don't even consider it a boss fight lol. Lazy attempt to stretch content.

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