I've created a chrome extension and an API for youtube dislike stats

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  1. Took a quick code dive; the game creates an ion storm in this event. This is famously broken when you have an abnormally high amount of power bars, as seen in the screenshot.

  2. Thanks alot that makes it a lot clearer.

  3. From my knowledge disabling the mod wouldn't remove the extra power bars from the ship, so sadly it wouldn't work.

  4. Yup i ran into this event again today and i disabled my high power patch mod, didnt fix it. Btw ive figured out it only happens in the morph sector, so guess im gonna have to avoid that if possible.

  5. This is a great idea, i downloaded this and shared it to all my mates, i find the idea of seeing dislikes on basis of the extention when the possibility to get it from youtubes code a very good idea aswell.

  6. seems like thats improbabble

  7. I keep wondering when I’ll finally unlearn some of that stuff. I’m getting better and I can like have a thought, then notice it and go “wtf? That’s wrong, where did that come from?” But they still pop into my head every now and again.

  8. I never understood that, seeing the thought pop up into your mind and being not okay or okay with it, because that same voice is judging that thought right? How can you know the voice that is judging is righteous?

  9. Think of it as the difference between automatically breathing subconsciously then when someone points it out you start breathing “manually”. Essentially the first though just occurs, the second is more continua.

  10. The breathing analogy is actually very good thank you, ive tried meditating a few times but never understood the be aware of your thoughts thing, i always just did breath focussing instead. This might help me with that too

  11. Thanks bro, ima try and use it and see if its gonna help me much, do all my keeping track on phone now but i can see how that would become troublesome in the future!

  12. Im a soldier, doing my part!

  13. Start with small ammounts to get used to the market :)

  14. Me and my 3k doge doing my part

  15. Is there dogecoin merch what?

  16. You can try following the steps from this post. I had the same issue and it worked out.

  17. I tried following the steps from that link but they say i have to put in the path in the system variables likes this: C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath but my Java folder doesnt have a javapath folder/file, any help?

  18. Try and select the folder where java is installed and follow the steps untill you find javapath

  19. Thanks, it seems my java was not in the programdata folder but in my programfiles folder and that seemed to fix it

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