The New Normal // 2021 Documentary

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  1. does israel want more domestic terrorism? lol wtf

  2. title is not wrong. check the stock of us arm makers. as a company you are obligated to work in best interest of your share holders and at the same time lobby government regulators for any advantage to outperform your competitors.

  3. you have only 1 narrative on reddit even on

  4. i didnt claim to be smart. im curious and that is probably one of the best sign of intelligence we got

  5. answer: yea. project veritas is pretty amazing and they expose alot of stuff and narratives and hypocrisy

  6. yes he does. project veritas does amazing work in my opinion

  7. may 2019: thats when they doubled down on banning or shadowbanning controversial channels and videos and having the ai manipulate the search results. among tons of other things, lost trump the 2020 election

  8. google search engine loves this subreddit for some reason

  9. idk why im here, first search results for something unrelated to this topic but related to covid

  10. Well they certainly don’t want to live under Russia for the rest of their lives. I know some that came to my country to continue studies and work, and some of their friends are on the frontline in Ukraine. Can’t blame someone for not wanting to take part in this hell but I commend the ones brave enough to defend their country from Putins terror.

  11. they won’t live under russia if the the gov had respected the russian language, russian culture and not try to annihilate it by banning it from office, transport, school. ukraine is a russian speaking country primarily. i have friends from ukraine and they all speak russian primarily and more often than not they have to talk in ukrainian now. one slight example of my apolotical views

  12. where are the college kids from maidan at?

  13. a 14 year old should be taught how to use a buttplug? haha

  14. we really lack iq in the medical personnel. they used to have a spine and now they are enslaved by the big tech, venture capitalists, big pharm. conspiracy conspiracy lalalalala its all meaningless. ad hominem attacks. but facts are there for the person to affirm what their intuition already told them

  15. project veritas does the job of msm it seems. more power to them

  16. people think this is ok smh. god bless the boomers who have to see this outfold of their future generations

  17. buttplug is sex ed? wow. i must be a poor villager peasant to not be able to understand their sophistication. future looks bleak

  18. the gift that keeps on giving this epstein guy

  19. you know, most of the evidence is in the search enginge itself.

  20. sick video. prolly better than american recruitment ones lol


  22. i think wikipedia calls that a jew nose. she is part of the team that makes google work in favor of left sided propaganda machine

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