1. My job is completely remote 100% and my coworker and I bitch to each other all the time about issues going on and our boss shares info in the small team meetings that is low-key drama he has to state doesn’t leave the meeting, so this stuff can still happen. Have you ever asked around?

  2. Problem is i dont trust coworkers enough to bitch about ppl with text evidence since u cant tell them live.

  3. Taking the Magaki stock is shocking. Dude had a job lined up at I think Nihon University due to his Dad being the head coach there. Was the one Rikishi who was expected to not chase after a stock.

  4. Maybe Elder pays better. Anyways he can always quit. It's not a forced lifetime thing.

  5. Hate the shoulder pads. Seems like theyre trying to make everything look Tommyish. For one person it's fine. But too much for the entire team.

  6. Man seeing Cerina look this old now is sad for me...

  7. Why is she writing like some intern advisor or job counsellor when she's an intern herself?

  8. Yep. But its insulting once you realised the actor of the first Kirenger sucided after he was done acting for Goranger. On a note left behind before he passed on, he mentioned how his financial problems, dwindling career and his inability to escape from being typecast as Kirenger, resulted in ending his life. Kirenger was a terrible option used due to this, Battle Cozak and Yellow 4 were ok. Sure this is based on yellow or close to yellow rangers thats passed on show wise but come on Kiranger was a terrible option.

  9. Did Kiranger die in the show though

  10. Oo if that's the case then toei showing kiranger's death is totally fine. Ppl are so oversensitive. Separate fiction from reality sheesh.

  11. Kirishima had a powerful and elegant style, and like Kiribayama he was light at about 280 lbs. The O.G. Kirishima had a memorable career (especially with his impressive tsuridashi lift-outs), but barring injury, I feel that Kiribayama will greatly surpass him.

  12. I think u jus described why exactly he had a short lived career. Tsuridashis are a quick way to retirement. Look at Tochinoshin.

  13. Tochinoshin didn't have a short-lived career at all. He made it 17 years; retired at 35! Thats a long sumo career.

  14. Eh fair enough. Seems like he did it way back then too. But it just seems that the power lifters all tend to retire prematurely and cut short their prime years. Even the crucial bout that caused Tochinoshin's injury that cost him Ozeki on vid looked like a tame attempt at a lift out that did not hint at any career ending injury which should be enough hint that tsuridashis are a huge strain on knees. Teruno I suspect also suffers from knee injury in part due to weight but also his tsuridashi. His wiki page also notes his reckless tsuridashis preinjury. Post injury, he still hasn't stopped though.

  15. Nono a posh wank is using a one use toy.

  16. Also suicide and depression rates doubled. Why not die in 6 months instead of a year?

  17. Just add +AI to any equation then. Oh look this is gravity...with AI!

  18. I respect the skills to get that wife of his.

  19. Showering during your period is the perfect opportunity to get out any leftovers and clean that thing out

  20. I watched Sanctuary on Netflix, which got me interested in real world Sumo tournaments. So maybe if you haven't watched Sanctuary you can start now :) Also I'm planning to watch more highlights of the rikishi that stood out to me: in my case Hokuseiho, Terunofuji, Asanoyama, Ura, Wakamotoharu, Takakeisho, Meisei, Aoiyama, Hoshoryu, Kiribayama. I already miss my 35 mins routine watching NottoSumo's highlights, it was the perfect companion for my morning coffee, and going on reddit reading about the basho would give me extra info that I missed. Sumo is amazing

  21. Hey an Aoiyama fan is rare n i urge you to continue to support moobs

  22. I wouldn't consider myself a "fan" of Aoiyama but his Bulgarian nationality + the moobs made me remember his name. I'll keep an eye on him but I'm not even sure if he'll stay in Makuuchi

  23. He will. Those saying he'll drop are filthy casuals who nvr bothered to take a sec to see his performance history. He's really good when he bothers.

  24. He could be a real super GM that still cheated for real. In fact as many have stated during the cheating, cheating is even harder to detect when ur actual lvl is that close to the program.

  25. I do so but im the family weirdo so def not a norm.

  26. Shinkenger or Gokaiger, I think those would be good seasons to look into for your second Sentai.

  27. No gokaiger is horrible for newbies. Its for those too impatient to watch earlier seasons first. Its like watching the individual Marvel movies and just jumping straight to Endgame. Good luck appreciating those references.

  28. Actually, I started with Gokaiger and I found it to be pretty beginner-friendly. The Gokaigers themselves make for a great audience surrogate for those who've never watched a Sentai before; or, of course, the little kids in the target audience who haven't watched all the older seasons (or potentially any older seasons).

  29. Well jus that you'd need to watch ot a second time then to fully appreciate it.

  30. No. If the club is very big sutely there's someone for u. But my local club is like 10ish ppl so i know they wont bother. I don't mind teaching beginners at other games like Go but not every time and not the entire session. If the club is too small to cycle stronger players to teach u then u might want to avoid it. For their sakes, not yours.

  31. picking someone up and sending them home. while i think it's extremely nice and gentlemanly for a guy to go pick up his girl and drive her home, it's ridiculous that this is an expectation. it's so time and energy consuming, and is also not practical for someone to drive from tampines to fetch their s/o at jurong, send them home to harbourfront and then go home to tampines (case study LOL haven't actually experienced this before)

  32. Car still not so bad. Imagine those who ride mrt back and forth for this kinda nonsense. I know for sure many school romances are like this. Maybe after adulthood then many dgaf later.

  33. 2nd hand story. Guy breaks up with anyone over a certain weight. So when he got married wife had to make sure she went on a special diet to lose.it all after pregnancy.

  34. which is what Mitake had been doing but his quality dfec;lined the moment he lost Ozeki,

  35. Metadata is pointless for me as I'm not looking to recreate the exact posting. I only care about the video, subs, thumb n description.

  36. Cool. Would like to see someone win n not show up to make the jsa angry.

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