1. I wish they'd actually commit in sex scenes. Says more about you and your attitudes towards sex and "propriety".

  2. I have no problem with this and I'm running three instances of qB. One on VPN and one on straight internet for private trackers . (And one for movies so they don't get lost in a sea of television episodes). The only stalled torrents I have are ones that literally have an availability less than 1. Which is what stalled means. No available sources.

  3. TBH I don't think I've ever updated the firmware on a hard drive...

  4. Waste? Nah. That's like 1/10th of what I run in my homelab, but it is nice to separate duties. I have some nodes dedicated to storage and APIs, some dedicated to VMs with priority on VM latency, and other nodes that manage media and transcoding. It's nice optimizing for different use cases.

  5. Go back in time and sign up for Google Workspace! I am so glad I did it in grad school when it was free. Unlimited domains, all google apps including drive, and free for those grandfathered in.

  6. I thought they forced free tier to pay. I had a few domains on free tier from those days. A couple of years Google started sending me email that that free tier will no longer be available and that I need to upgrade

  7. They did, then rolled it back. All you had to do was go in and click a link stating it was personal use, and bam it was free.

  8. They just harassed me until I put up the white flag and canceled. Also, get ready for the downvotes. This forum is a joke and I'm pretty sure Hetzner employees just hate on people here.

  9. Oh I know. I never said they officially hate on people while flying a Hetzner flag. Either that or for some reason this subreddit invites a very special level of douches.

  10. Sudo. But maybe you should stick to the gui until you get a little more experience with a Linux terminal

  11. I use the Flashtor 12 with half P3 and half P3 plus, all 4TB. The number of lanes to each chip is low, and raid 5 makes up for the speed of low end chips. Mine works just fine.

  12. I was planning on using the 6 drive version (probably with just 3-4 to start with) and SMB Multichannel to use those two 2.5gbe ports. Should be fast enough to saturate those I'm sure?

  13. I do understand that concept, but does that explain the 20 TB discrepancy?

  14. Yeah it does, do the math and use those new numbers, then multiply by .96 then subtract the volume and each and every disk Synology uses to store their OS. Comes out about right.

  15. 1tb...lifetime...omg you're great. You got me. I thought that once you. I'm at 200TB on site and 50TB in the cloud. Boundless uses though: Mac backups, Windows Backups, Cloud media server data, mirror for common files, Minio/S3 app buckets, etc

  16. Well ... my first hard drive had a whooping 40 megabyte. I thought I'd never be able to fill that one.

  17. Exactly, there was a time I thought being able to save 1.2mb on a 5.25 floppy from my Tandy PC was amazing. I also had a great ribbon printer that could print in 5 different colors by manually switching that I thought was the coolest .

  18. way cool you did the script youre hired with a signing bonus

  19. I know of tdarr, but it doesn't do exactly what I want in terms of moving files to my new 40TB nvme server and combining the library from 3 old servers. It's creating a clean library in the background. So far no network after 3 days, but it's a 10G network so plenty of space

  20. SHR is basically Raid 5 if all disks are the same. That means it uses parity. If a disk fails, you replace it, it gets rebuilt while maybe some minor performance degradation.

  21. Run his dissertation through it and show him he also plagiarized and should have his Ph.D. revoked.

  22. Look at the smart routing rules or create a subnet for devices with port isolation. For instance, my media devices have a routing rule that only allows internet, blocks ads, and are isolated on the network.

  23. You can't. Plus the more you encourage them to describe themselves, the less sense the ticket will make.

  24. ZFS has built-in NFS, you don't have to install a whole VM for that. Set the sharenfs property and install nfs-kernel-server

  25. Adapting? It's docker. It's universal, at least from a base architecture standpoint. That's the point. What are you having issues with?

  26. They are in a way one and the same. Datacenter level storage though won't magically share a local disk. If you do something like NFS or Samba, then all nodes could indepently mount them so selecting all nodes makes sense. But if all nodes can't naturally access them, the at the DC level you have to select what nodes can. It's not straightforward, but maybe you're looking for something like CEPH or just share the ZFS dataset via NFS and mount universally

  27. AFAIK, you have to use Synology branded SSDs if using them as SSD cache on the M2 connectors. If you are just using normal SATA SSDs (eg 2.5" SSDs mounted to 3.5" adapters) in the regular drive bays, it doesnt matter.

  28. Yes, if you're not comfortable manually doing things. No if you like the terminal and doing what you want with your own hardware.

  29. You can create a site under your cloud key. You will need either a static IP or some type of DyDNS service at your home.

  30. I would just do site-to-site VPNs... much better network control, segmentation, port security, latency, etc etc

  31. I have 3 under my account right now. My house, our vacation house, my parents house. Just adopt them with your same account.

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