1. Great performance today, only found out it was happening 4 days ago. Very few tickets on the site yet loads of empty seats which was odd

  2. Concert shows too. There are a few I've been too that generally only play in London, (The Distant Worlds concerts that play Final Fantasy music, for example) they've maybe gone to Edinburgh a handful of times, but Birmingham will be skipped over.

  3. Been the case for at least the last 25 years across all genres, the amount of time I’ve had to travel to Wolverhampton, Manchester, coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, London even Glasgow to get to a gig is ridiculous.

  4. Discovering this sub in the last few days has made me feel old with all the STST talk. Love this album but then it was a product of its time with the metalcore / punk popularity at the time.

  5. It’s a new bonus item that appeared a couple of weeks ago, probably not for everyone. Reduces the timers for all other generators on the board when you use it.

  6. Fully expect this to be how they open the shows on the next tour followed by the first song they go into being the new single - Nobody maybe.

  7. Given you are already on the ‘semi’ right side of Birmingham for Cradley Heath surely it would make more sense to just get a taxi right there. Can’t imagine it would be much more than £20 in a 6 seater compared to a taxi into town and a train out.

  8. Near town, Jewellers Arms, Barton Arms, Old Joint Stock and the Wellington.

  9. Think Rio’s deserved to be on there over the cod pot

  10. Even if Carney goes on to be the greatest player of all time, we made the right decision to sell.

  11. Yeah I was at Villa Park last night and from kick off the ground felt flat. No cheering no real energy and then boos at half time. Really disappointing from the fans.

  12. No comment on the energy in the second half when the team started to play for the shirts? It was the loudest I’ve heard it this season at periods in the second half and all with encouragement.

  13. Booing a shocking performance where no effort was displayed isn’t unjustified. It was representative of the effort that team put in during the first 45 minutes and was a brief chorus of boos that along with Emery likely giving them an absolute roasting was the reason the players started actually turning up in the second half.

  14. Despite what we may think about the last couple of months if the fan base we’re seeing the issues then the ownership definitely were.

  15. Shows how little info he gets when he was still reporting Amorim as the main target this afternoon. NSWE Villa don’t seem to be journalists friends.

  16. I'll get voted down instantly for this, but the players aren't consistently putting enough in. There are reasons why I feel Gerrard doesn't deliver, but recently he's picked a strong team. He's assembled a halfway decent bench, his subs are more timely, fans want Coutinho dropped he's done that. The football V Chelsea was good, not the result.

  17. The problem is that he’s only recently made these changes to try and keep hold of his job for a little longer, the damage had already been done.

  18. It would seem so. Took him a while to smell the coffee. Players who were not getting a look in now get a break. I wonder if anyone will get brought back from loans. I think the Morgan Sanson situation definitely needs revisiting. He didn't become a poor player over night. Except when his pass back resulted in a goal, he's always looked good to me.

  19. I think it depends on the calibre of manager that comes in. Poch or Emery levels and they’ll want their own men in January.

  20. No. We were sleepwalking into relegation with Smith with no sign of improvement.

  21. Have you watched us this season… same is happening again.

  22. Can’t even hear the villa fans on tv 😕

  23. Could barely hear them in the stands for 70 minutes, brief periods but a deflated crowd

  24. I don't think so. Tributes need to be made, God save the Queen will be sang one last time by every team. I can't see the whole country coming to a standstill, a day of mourning tomorrow and the day of the funeral would be my guess.

  25. There’s a fairly well documented plan called London Bridge has fallen which comes into play now - have a look for it and the stuff you’ll see over the next 12 days (12 official days of mourning I believe it is) - Sporting events likely won’t happen this weekend.

  26. So you’d be happy with 5 points after the last five games? It’s certainly not what I, or many others would have expected.

  27. He said in his post match interview “we kept giving the ball away because of our technical level” but benched Luiz and started McGinn.

  28. Also said it was an issues with leadership on the pitch that we conceded so quickly… wonder what leadership changes have happened recently.

  29. Has McGinn even done a post match interview? Or organised the team on the pitch? Or done anything public that could be construed as "Captain" behaviour?

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