1. And with these top visual mods the game looks just as amazing as KSP2

  2. Only one - salt. Eat a banana with it and you will get potasium and zinc as well

  3. Robert Lustig needs no introduction to the low carb crowd. What I found especially interesting in this interview is when he

  4. Fair points, thanks for that. I'll start paying more attention to pace improvements instead.

  5. Hold left click on the NPC and use the hand icon to push them away.

  6. This and you can also ask them to keep their distance

  7. Were do you get that many fibers, I thought you can only get them from harvesting molineria leafs

  8. You can get it from harvesting other herbs as well. Also from chopping down palm trunks iirc.

  9. If they just changed made to witnessed it would make a lot more sense.

  10. James fucking Holden. If shit goes wrong, he's probably in the middle of it.

  11. Just don't stick your dick in it, it's fucked enough already.

  12. My nickname to my friends since I was like 12 years old. The story is that when I was creating my PS4 profile I looked on the suggestion for usernames and I chose one called Cultured399Soup so whenever I played with friends they called me Soup and that also started happening in school and well I also thought it was funny so a nickname was born.

  13. Well they also shown ice caps on the equator of Duna in that trailer so there's that...

  14. You can try connecting one of the consoles to a hotspot on your phone to see if the issue is actually caused by both of your consoles sitting on the same router.

  15. Oh for sure. This is more about keeping this one from landfill and maybe learn something rather than trying to save them money.

  16. It's a '24 Dell Ultrasharp. Actually more curious how this could have happened in the first place. Place is not damp at all, with pretty good air circulation.

  17. Not trying. He died defending it. Period. RIP Hero.

  18. My advice would be not to look up how to play and just learn on your own, but I guess it's too late for that lol. The steep learning curve is the best and most satisfying thing about this game, but it gets pretty boring once you know how to deal with everything...

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