1. Thats not a whale, thats josh yolo'd his parents money

  2. Thats dope! I hoping someone creates something like this for Cinema 4D one day

  3. What's the point of this? You just made it look worse. No skin texture at all

  4. Looks fantastic! Unfortunately, it's kind of broken for me. You probably already know the issues with the latest auto1111 update. I'll list mine here just in case you are interested to take a look:

  5. Ah i see, that makes sense! I have far too many settings for it to look as intended haha

  6. That's great! Is it possible to run it with local SD?

  7. He claims a lot of things. At this point, his words mean nothing to me. Let the product speak for itself

  8. I thought of another way. Animate depth pass in AE, fire up a batch using this pass in SD, bring that back in AE, matte that bach using depth pass animation

  9. Nice, thank you! In your experience, included TI embeddings make a lot of difference in the end?

  10. Any chance of this getting updated for 2023 version?

  11. Does it support multi gpu? I wonder if there is any a speed increase on 2 or 3 4090s

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