1. The IP address points to an FTP (file sharing) server, but it doesnt let me in without a username and password.

  2. Wait, how’d you get there? Do we need to use ftp://?

  3. i found it out using nmap, but the people on the official discord server have gotten a bit further.

  4. it might be because the screensaver uses 32bit numbers so if a certain value (like time) goes above 2 billion, the program starts doing weird things

  5. yo i think he coded the game in java as old feature phones could play small java games

  6. minecraft uses many native libraries which are definitely not available on symbian (the nokia os), but this game IS probably real and i was trying to get a similar game running on my old nokia phone, sadly without success

  7. If there's a company that I don't mind the ads from its Mozilla, IF done tastefully

  8. afaik the ads are coming from microsoft , they have a contract with mozilla, and the sad thing is, that mozilla wouldnt survive without the partnership

  9. At that frequency, the electrical signal can travel only something like 1cm every clock cycle

  10. ingnore comments about friction, its the physics system thats innacurate. maybe it would work if there was an option to increase the physics accuracy even more

  11. Not vim-related, but multiple cursors are great in kakoune or helix (i personally use helix but im still on the vim subreddit haha)

  12. There is a mod (pay for it once and forget about it, can play with people without the mod) that makes wiring cleaner, you might be interested in it

  13. you don't even need a mod, you can literally just shrink the texture of the circles in the game files, or you can even make the icons square or replace them with a picture.

  14. What? The game starts with a crashed starship, in a planet inhabited by evil farming robots, the sci fi stuff has been there from the start. I get it if you are not a fan of some of the more advanced stuff aesthetic but i mean, is it THAT weird considering we are literally building stuff from highly advanced stations and robots?

  15. yes but that whole story was made up just when survival was released, before, the game was truly scrap mechanic

  16. Someone had to ask this: what font is that?

  17. This is the standard OEM font burned into most PCs in existence that have a 80x25 mode. Also known as the "IBM VGA" font. A TTF version can be found here:

  18. oh okay i didnt know there was a ttf version of it. That is exactly what I was looking for!

  19. omg its the original tesla not the cringe elon musk one

  20. You can also add screws on the pipe that triggers the sensors to reduce the distance it has to travel

  21. Minicraft is an actual game made by notch btw:

  22. dwm (the program should work on any wm)

  23. For dwm, you can find from the config.h or config.def.h

  24. Yes, I could make some sort of a converter, but it wouldn't be accurate. Since the functions lack description, it would only be possible to describe built-in functions, but even that would be complicated.

  25. Funny thing is that everything (except for ofc) already comes installed with Kali Linux

  26. Doesn't come pre installed with every OS?

  27. How do you set the cursor theme? You need to put it in ~/.icons/default (either edit index.theme or just rename the cursor theme folder to default or copy the files if the default folder already exists)

  28. The seed -145814839 work only in bedrock edition

  29. Bedrock edition versions look like IP addresses lmao

  30. Where's the escape key You can't even press [

  31. Why don't you just use cat file | pandoc -f markdown -t pdf | zathura -? Pandoc markdown with LaTeX is way better anyway...

  32. yeah but i would have to look up on what options do what, see which ones i like, adjust it, then all my apps which will probably work fine but a few might not

  33. Dwm is actually pretty good with this. The config is a .h file, so you can just edit values without having to look up anything.

  34. CUPS driverless printing is great, it just works if your printer supports it... though I might set up the proper drivers for my printer again since they have more options

  35. You don't even need cups for driverless printing. I remember seeing someone just netcat-ing the file to port 9100 or something (please check that number I'm not sure if I remember right) and the printer just worked. Sadly it doesn't work with mine.

  36. Thank you for this, IDK why, but the thought of gnome as a web app made me laugh out loud. Legit the funniest thing I have read all day.

  37. Okay I'm sorry I thought there was no way it could be a web app and that's why I said that, but it turns out it is. Please forgive me for spreading misinformation. Also, now I absolutely hate gnome.

  38. OH NO But I finally know why it uses so much memory.

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