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  1. Huh.....I always saw Atlas as having the red glow in the center of a translucent diamond. I kinda like this interpretation!

  2. It does! I just like this interpretation that gives you a glimpse into the Atlas from one angle. Then depending on the lighting, you can imagine that the red glow wouldn't be visible from the other sides because there's too much light on them. The red glow is only visible on the hidden dark underside...

  3. Guess what I just started on the Ultimaker S3 at my work before I go home for the weekend haha

  4. Nice! Share some pics when it's done. BTW I noticed that the Atlas decal on the Roamer vehicle is like this style.

  5. Yes. It's still in mint condition thanks to OtterBox. The battery is at 75-80% capacity with over 1400 charge cycles. I bought my wife a P6 and kids the P6a. I'm still loving the 3, pictures are comparable if not better than the 6. Plus the size and rear fingerprint scanner have me stuck.

  6. I think I remember reading that the Pixel 3 and 6a have the exact same camera. I'm pretty sure the 6 has a very different camera.

  7. Those engineers are putting in work, though, with all that chopping.

  8. Yeah that's a huge improvement from a few years ago when I heard they would wait for someone else to chop it. My friend was on a train on Christmas Eve a few years ago and they had trouble finding someone so they had to back up and put people in buses and taxis.

  9. Sure, having an entire universe to explore on a portable console must be very cool.

  10. The quality is better than these screenshots.

  11. I have a question, is that ship exclusive on switch? Is really pretty

  12. More depth and differences to the buildings and people you find on planets.

  13. I couldn't bring in a selfie stick, but look at this guy.

  14. yeah using B is a better choice in hindsight

  15. People complained in the Microsoft version of this yesterday because M and B were both used and it was harder to see the difference.

  16. People complained in the Microsoft version of this yesterday because M and B were both used and it was harder to see the difference.

  17. Wouldn't surprise me if it was province specific. Some things on CDC work in ON but aren't available for me in NB.

  18. I respect not wanting to set up CI/CD to notify your setup when the code changes. I wrote a simple but configurable script to poll for updates and run some commands when it detects changes. I think you'll find it useful:

  19. Aurora and Tilray have cultivation facilities in Germany so no need to export from Canada. How well that works out for them remains to be seen though.

  20. I think the article mentioned something about that. Canadian companies could try to rush into Germany and leverage their experience.

  21. The idea was the meter should represent the positivity score, then the badges at the bottom show the negative and neutral scores. Remember each news item is scored independently. Also, the meter comes in handy as a visual aid for users with visual defects.

  22. It's just odd to see the meter number, say 37 point to orange, then see the same number as the positive score with a green background. I think it could work if you calculate the meter score as positive/(positive + negative).

  23. Yeah I get where the numbers are coming from. I just think that you can ignore the neutral percent when trying to compute one overall score for the meter.

  24. i rly hope the devs will make something great out of this game in the future its a great base now just imagine stuff like different clothes for followers or different follower personalities including being able to talk with them like in animal crossing more tarot cards and weapon classes being able to have a bigger base and more possible buildings binding of isaac started off as a simple flash game and now look where it is

  25. I'm really looking forward to a sequel. I hope that villagers will be able to cook and last 3 days without me. Also more mechanics in crusades, like shielding... my controller has so many unused buttons.

  26. Ethereum would be way worse than both. People would write a smart contract that perform some computation and the return a failure. Free computing power, lol

  27. Why would you bother doing that? The chain only gets updated if the transaction finishes successfully. If there is a failure, the chain doesn't get updated and you could have just computed it locally. The programs that Ethereum smart contracts can currently execute with the gas limits are fairly simple that pretty much any device that could reliably initiate the transaction could just execute the computation itself. And the device should do that just to avoid issues. I believe clients already do this.

  28. You have learned the Gek word for 'notpaula':

  29. Looks like things improved. So for others searching and finding this issue, wait a day or two before contacting support.

  30. https://www.what-song.com/Artist/19763/Beach-House

  31. My good person, let me tell you about our lord and savior mv, which can be used to rename files

  32. Also touch for creating an empty file.

  33. So the takeaway is not that you should use a different password for every account, but also a different email address.

  34. The green bubbles means that Bill Gates was using an iPhone right? He has said that he uses an Android.

  35. There's someone at my company who thinks (blah == false) is more readable than (!blah), so there's == false all over their code and it bugs the shit outta me.

  36. Limiting foreign buyers does help the demand. Now what they need to do is increase the amount of taxes on people who own more than 4 rental properties. At that point it’s a business.

  37. They already pay income tax on rental income and if they sell it, right?

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