I'm 18 and I just finished building my first telescope! It's a 10" f/5.6 Dobsonian.

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  1. Except we do have a way of telling the difference! Light!

  2. How so? A detector half the size, would see light as twice the wavelength, so redshift would look exactly the same.

  3. This is also incorrect. Please look at how our sensors work and then look up how electromagnetic radiation works. Photons are 'interesting' but also can't be shrunk or enlarged but they work like waves as well, but we know they also act like discreet packets which is how we know what you're suggesting doesn't work.

  4. Are you sure it's me who needs to look things up? It sounds like you're claiming a universal measuring frame, for something that depends on the properties of two particular frames of reference: emitter, and receiver. The reason for redshift to exist is the difference in the size of the reference unit in each reference frame, which we have no way to say anything more about other than their ratio is increasing over time. Discreet packet behavior is consistent with that ratio (older, more redshifted photons, are proportionally less energetic).

  5. It's a single sound, the Polish "dż" (written with two letters but representing a single sound). I'm kind of surprised that cyrillic would treat "Дж" as two separate sounds.

  6. They are very precise in regards to the shape they are in (concaved), and are uniformly reflective. A bog standard mirror for you bathroom or wardrobe, are just mass produced reflective surfaces, which are full of defects but don't matter considering it just needs to roughly reflect.

  7. Regular mirrors don't have that many defects, the main difference is they're flat, which is the default shape of float glass.

  8. Most editors are unpaid hobbyists. They have a “watch list” of articles they’re interested in and see every time a change is made to a page.

  9. And everyone commenting here on Reddit, will just wait for "some wikipedist" to make the changes, instead of trying to fix it themselves.

  10. you don't think the US led sanctions have any thing to do with that at all?

  11. What sanctions... haven't you heard? The US is paying war reparations to North Korea, in the way of humanitary aid some food, and they'll keep doing it for years. [/NKTV]

  12. There are no neutral olympic athletes. The whole point of the event is so that governments can rub their dicks in other countries faces. Maybe if the Russian people see that they're not invited at all to the olympics, they'll finally start to realize how much Putin has fucked them.

  13. What about the power structures that allowed the creation of a fascist unit to begin with?

  14. They're running candidates in the next elections.

  15. $100k that was declared found. Can't really take a vehicle home from a scene, but when you find $15k $10k $5k $3k, who's going to notice if you only report $1k?

  16. $100k across 566 arrests, comes up to less than $200 per arrest. What's the average pocket change amount in the US?

  17. Thank you, it makes sense, but why nobody is using combination of master password and MFA for encryption? Is it technically feasible?

  18. ChatGPT isn’t problem solving though, it’s plagiarizing. Give it an exam no one has ever passed or ask a question no one has ever answered and it won’t be able to respond in a meaningful way.

  19. Not exactly. As long as your question has a structure similar to others (like, written in English), it will come up with an answer that it thinks best matches that structure, with some meaning and on topic.

  20. It's the other way around: these models start with a random seed, then refine the output until it fits the model well enough.

  21. Reddit, as always, is so confusing. You have this comment as best of, pointing out that the most powerful tool MLK had was these kinds of non-violent protests....THEN you have the one from the other day, showing that the exact argument being made in THIS one is (trying to remember off hand) that it's propaganda from.... fascists? The right? Something like that to make you believe that protests like these were MLK's best tool because his actual best tool were large form, writing and non-action campaigns (like vote drives, etc.) which had the true effect.

  22. Police continue to murder civilians and yet half this country is fighting to disarm themselves. Police have no obligation to protect you, and will kill without thinking twice. If you want gun control start with the police first.

  23. Meanwhile, the other half wants to see a shootout between half the town and the police?

  24. In a sane society, you probably should inspect them as rigorously and as periodically as any other body part.

  25. Does the clit itself have the orgasm? Not the whole body?

  26. It's the trigger. You can have more than one trigger, going off at once, each with a different rhythm.

  27. i dont. i hate it. its why i got out of being a systems admin cus screw it.

  28. It's one step better: security by undocumentation!

  29. I wish dism was PowerShell. Then you could tab into each parameter. But it is an exe and whoever wrote it wants you to spam the ever living shit out of a long argument. I get that it being spelled out makes more sense reading it but it really sucks to type in. And some are case sensitive.

  30. Some of the options of dism allow you to destroy the whole system, you usually want those to be slightly harder to type.

  31. I'm still waiting for the release of ASS

  32. Yep. Fun anecdote time. When I was 15, I went to summer camp for kids with ADHD up in Rhinelander Wisconsin. I have allergies and asthma, and the pollen there made my asthma flare up pretty horribly. By the end of the week, I had bronchitis, pneumonia, and a collapsed lung. If you've ever had a collapsed lung, you know it's almost impossible to do anything except exist. Walking 5 feet winded me. EATING winded me.

  33. Yeah, being half dead can do that to you. Every time I've been to a hospital, I've ended up losing weight. The time I failed to kill myself, I lost over 50 lbs. Wouldn't recommend, though.

  34. And yet people who try to make those changes fail repeatedly and predictably.

  35. That's kind of implicit, although it would be nice if they said it more explicitly.

  36. Didactically, I would never leave out the implicit 'this' though. That makes it confusing when the field names are the same (due to the objects being of the same type) and one's qualified and the other is not.

  37. Practically, I hate the "implicit this", or having to double check whether the scope is function, class, or what.

  38. We could go lower than zero, and we have! A negative tax bill is a subsidy, or - on the political stage - economic stimulus.

  39. But that makes people lazy and not want to work free overtime on weekends! /s

  40. "if you get to the dolphin people, you gone too far"

  41. Name a recently updated Chromium fork that hasn't pulled from Google's Chromium repository in the past year

  42. Not sure whether missing the point, or moving goalposts... but Safari has been puling from Google's Chromium repository all the time. It's called working together.

  43. Given that Chromium itself is a glorified fork of Apple's Safari WebKit... imagine if Apple Inc stopped pumping it! /s

  44. It seems like a lot of the educational system is a gravy train for administrators trying to justify their existence as well as contractors and vendors who can deliver a sub-par product for too much money. (Rather, it's a gravy train for everyone except the people doing the actual work, ie teachers and janitors.) In my line of expertise (software engineering) I can say that almost all educational software is universally terrible, and all educational software vendors are terrible companies. Anyone with talent leaves as soon as they're able, and the people who are left don't know their asses from a hole in the ground, engineers and managers all. That is how you get compliance training that I had to take in fucking 2020 that requires Adobe Flash Player.

  45. This grinds my gears. I wonder how much would it take to make some actually better educational software by just throwing it at ChatGPT, then making it free to use.

  46. Well, it doesn't have the words "electronic", "benefit", or "transfer" in it... you know, the good words, not words like "stamps", that are so behind the times... /s

  47. Ooh, good stuff. I wanted to do text effects like this before, but either GIMP didn't have the capabilities or I couldn't find them. I take it this method is non-destructive as well?

  48. All the capabilities were there, it just took like 50 steps instead of adjusting 20 sliders.

  49. Blender is a great choice of powerful and free, but the learning curve is basically a wall. It takes a lot of time to learn how to use it, and it's never been designed specifically so it's easy to make 3D printed files with it.

  50. Blender is becoming more and more user friendly every day. The large interface overhaul of 1-2 years ago already makes it feel "like any other CAD software", and the push to turn everything into nodes with history is aiming to make it easier to use and more powerful than Fusion360.

  51. I still use tinkercad, it is limited but I can make something out of pieces in 10 minutes instead of trying for an hour in f360 and giving up.

  52. If you already know TinkerCAD, try making the same shapes in Fusion360 and applying the same transformation. In no time you'll start making custom shapes that would have required using a bunch of separate ones in TinkerCAD.

  53. The turbo button back then just meant "normal speed" and turning it off locked the CPU to 4.77 Mhz which was the standard speed of the original Intel 8088 processor, and a lot of old software depended on the 4.77 Mhz clock speed to run correctly. These days everything is compatible with multiple clock speeds so we can leave it on "turbo" all the time.

  54. I don't like the way git integration works in vscode, I still like SourceTree more.

  55. Ok, so, Luna is Luna... but I like the starry hair.

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