1. actually no, the levels are not meant to be one above the other.

  2. Sounds like a ton of manufacturers have done that. Mercedes is just the first to be certified.

  3. From my experience, clubs don't have specific genres and are usually all over the place. Of course there can be special events that are an exception, but in general that's just the way it is. What I usually do is jump around from club to club to see the people that I know I like.

  4. Visuals are cool but man, those lights look incredibly boring for an event of this size

  5. The show seemed to heavily rely on live VJing on the big screen instead of using giant stacks of lights. And I think it worked for this event, especially since the overdose sets always have some crazy visuals. But yea in general I would also prefer more lights and lasers instead of having a large rectangular screen without much stage design around it.

  6. Haha that was so great. Never since then have I been that hyped for a piece of hardware.

  7. That delicious SSAO though :D

  8. the part of the blocks in the world, I use a technique that makes the position stay locked in the grid ( float manipulation ) and then I spawn the particle with the cube mesh with the right texture

  9. So does that mean you can place blocks anywhere (even in mid air), or do you also do some sort of raycasting to figure out if you can place a block to the side or on top of another?

  10. Öfter? Ich hoffe, du hast dir die 5 Minuten Fußweg noch nie liefern lassen.

  11. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich das auch schon gemacht habe (wohne so 100m entfernt). War abends zu faul und für den Lieferdude ist der Weg ja auch kurz.

  12. HR tends to see workers less as actual humans with unique personalities and skill sets, and more as fungible resources to be purchased, reallocated, or disposed of at will.

  13. But even if you see employees as machines, it still makes no sense. It'd be the same as scrapping a well working machine for a new one that performs worse and costs more. It just doesn't make sense, no matter how you cut it.

  14. Und wo sind dann unsere ganzen Steuern? Die deutlich höher sind als in so gut wie jedem anderen Land?

  15. Gehen nicht irgendwie 30% aller Steuereinnahmen an Rentner?

  16. It is something I only need to do a very infrequently, so every time I do I have to reread the docs to get the right syntax. Also, getting the wrong value for a schedule (e.g. 3am every week vs 3am every month) isn't immediately obvious, as you will only notice the error when the schedule doesn't run as expected, this site would help prevent those mistakes.

  17. Man, I miss having a URL at the top of any page...

  18. That feature has never been removed.

  19. In solchen Fällen auf jeden Fall beim Herausgeber anrufen. Die hauen dann ihren Auslieferern auf die Finger, dass da in Zukunft nichts mehr eingeworfen wird.

  20. Hab mal als Kind für so nen Werbeanzeiger “Zeitungen” ausgetragen. Da waren immer viel zu viele dabei aber weniger wollte man mir immer nicht geben weil dann ginge die Auflage ja runter und man wäre unattraktiver für Werbetreibende.

  21. Ich hab damals auch so eine kostenlose Zeitung ausgetragen, und musste dann auch feststellen, dass in dem Lieferbereich keine 200 Leute wohnen. Habe dann da angerufen, das gemeldet, und danach nur noch 175 Zeitungen bekommen, ohne dass ich weniger Geld gezahlt bekam. Fand ich damals eine ziemlich gute Lösung, verglichen damit die alle bei meinen Eltern in den Papiermüll zu schmeißen.

  22. I've come to refer to that Bizzarro Jesus as "Supply Side Jesus"

  23. Reference for those who don't know:

  24. This video was so relatable that it made me realize I'm ace, after some more looking into it of course

  25. Klingt eher so als ob er von den "Locals" gescammt wurde.

  26. Ging mir genauso, aber ich habe dann ziemlich schnell rausgefunden, dass die anderen auch alle nichts können und eigentlich jeder nur auf Sicht fliegt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  27. Das auf Bundesebene würde so vielen helfen. Wenn nicht sogar EU-Weit. Das wäre zwar erstmal ein immenser bürokratischer und finanzieller Aufwand, aber langfristig würden sowohl Bürokratie als auch Kosten abgebaut werden. Bzw. ja sogar zusätzliche Steuergelder dadurch entstehen.

  28. people avoid it because everyone is a .......... ugh.... cat girl thing

  29. That's like the best part, lol

  30. And even wired it's a mess since they didn't implement XInput. It shows up as a generic HID controller, so a lot of games don't recognize it. There are a number of free solutions to spoof XInput support for it, but I couldn't get any of them to work reliably. I ended up just buying a license for ReWASD which works completely transparently with 100% reliability in my experience. Your luck may vary with the free solutions, though, so I'd give them a try first. PCGamingWiki has an article about it and the Stadia subreddit has a few posts.

  31. x360ce should be able to take care of that for games you can't or don't want to play through Steam.

  32. Quite the opposite. Poorly written shaders are a severe performance hit. Thoughtful instruction layout and minimisation of object fetches and TSU calls goes a long way, even on latest hardware.

  33. I'm a bit unsure what you're trying to say about the meshes. Meshes, much like other objects, are immediately placed into VRAM under the expectation of them being queued up for render loop and then sent in System Value structs to the shader. All the textures are still loaded as usual, but since they're not actively referenced by fetchers, they immediately lose priority as objects.

  34. As a UE veteran I‘ve messed with Unity over the years so I’m familiar with it even doing solo projects in it at times. I just checked out the UDON GitHub an everything looks easily digestible. I’m very comfortable with C# so it should be easy enough building things out. I may check out some YouTube channels that are directly related to VRChat specific building. I appreciate the heads up!

  35. Udon is super slow though, so not really feasible for the kinds of games your envisioning.

  36. Great job and very cool execution. It still doesn't resolve my low bar feature request to the VRChat dev team which is: PUT A FREAKIN CLOCK IN ONE OF THE MENUS. Just time, I don't care if it's in military (24h), just give me something that I don't have to mod onto an avatar or expect a world developer to throw in.

  37. SteamVR and the Oculus Menu have a clock in them. But yea I agree that they could just add it next to the FPS and ping at the top of the quick menu for example.

  38. Ich erinnere mich dran, dass „früher“ viele online Shops 2,5% Transaktionsgebühr bei KK oder Paypalzahlung genommen haben. Paypal ist da strikt gegen vorgegangen.

  39. Mindestens eine handelsübliche Bezahlung muss aber immer kostenlos dabei sein.

  40. Ist ja auch der Fall, iDeal ist in NL sehr weit verbreitet. Bringt nur mir als Deutschem nichts, weil man dafür ein niederländisches Bankkonto braucht und es mir den Aufwand und die Kosten nicht wert ist, extra eins anzulegen, nur um ein paar Mal im Jahr wenige Prozent Gebühren zu sparen.

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