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  1. Lots of the health features don't work properly, ECG is unusable if you use Google pay because it needs a pin, stress monitoring isn't continuous and updates brick it.

  2. ECG works fine for me even with Google Pay, since the watch just stays unlocked while on my wrist. I believe you can also enable continuous stress monitoring as a setting. As for the updates, there's no excuse for that. I still don't know how they managed to make an update that potentially dangerous and hope they never will again.

  3. That's awesome! I'd give an award, but it seems like the free ones are gone :(

  4. Is this a good reason to update my M1 iPad pro from 14.6 to 16.1? Want some opinions, I have to update eventually. Thanks!

  5. Yup, it still seems normal. OIS is a system that is always running to counteract vibrations of your device. It will probably still do this when the device is off, and most modern devices have this feature.

  6. Isn't that something that should be turned off when not in use? I mean that should be better for moving parts, am I wrong?

  7. It works by allowing the lens to move independently of the sensor itself, so small vibrations don’t make videos shaky. I don’t think it really impacts durability at all, since there isn’t a motor that can break or anything. You can almost think of it as a camera lens on small rails that can slide around. That’s not actually how it works, but it’s an analogy.

  8. You're absolutely right. What's needed is practically a complete overhaul of American society. Where do you even start?

  9. Everyone's talking about political parties, but no one has seemingly mentioned the education system. A decent amount of these people are minors, and the endless cycle of "wake up, do work, stress about homework, sleep" probably isn't doing any favors. I know that's likely not exactly how it works but I can see it being perceived that way quite easily.

  10. Depends how this test was run? if it was by qualcomm themselves on a bread board setup with heavy cooling then yeah it's faster but that's only because of the cooling, the thing about Apple is efficiency! that score is based on the chip being inside a phone and not running 100c and draining the battery. We all know what the A series chips are capable off when given room to breath. they are the M1 / M2 chips, and those obliterate everything.

  11. There's a good video by geekerwan on this, it does seem like the SD 8 Gen 2 beats the A16 in GPU performance and efficiency across the board. Apple still has CPU performance in their favor, but that gap is closing fast.

  12. As another comment said, send code! I will also caution the use of the GPS sensor during matches, since competition fields are not required to have the strips with the black and white pattern. Could be useful for skills though!

  13. Is there a temperature difference or time difference between when you calibrated it and now? Ideally the watch should be closer than that, but either way it shouldn't be used for important medical purposes.

  14. To be fair, it seems to just switch its answer half the time when asked "are you sure".

  15. IMO ChatGPT is a bit dangerous because it is able to think for you. Sure, it can be an amazing tool if used properly, but let's face it: if these models get good enough, there's not much stopping them from replacing most programmers at some point in the future.

  16. I’m gonna start spelling out U N I X when talking with coworkers about anything remotely OS-related, can’t wait 😎

  17. I wouldn't buy an S22 Ultra now. Wait until the S23 ultra comes out in a few weeks, in which case you can either buy an S23 Ultra or get a good discount on the S22 Ultra.

  18. Well there is a 100 euro cachback now. Soo would the price really drop more then that? And are the s22 still getting made when the s23 comes out.

  19. That makes sense. It’s impossible to know if the price would drop more than that, but yes I believe the S22 ultra will still be getting made (not entirely sure though, someone can correct me if I’m wrong).

  20. I’ve won excellence at my school’s own comps. As someone else said, unless there are any rules being violated it’s not a problem.

  21. My iPad pro is the most buggy device I've used in a while. Most recently, when signing into my Google account I always have to open a third party app, type the credentials there, then paste them because the keyboard won't open.

  22. I heard a suggestion the other day that I think is an excellent idea: what if we restructure assignments in school to allow the use of the internet?

  23. It's built in to the Galaxy Watch4 (added via OTA update) and 5 series.

  24. I like how Linux just lets you tack on three words and you're set to delete the entire file system

  25. If you're using GitHub and refuse to use the git CLI for some reason, there's GitHub desktop too. Really couldn't be easier IMO.

  26. Possible to use a PCIE riser and lay it somewhere?

  27. Honestly I think everything ChatGPT is doing has great potential. Why are we spending so much time making, say, a comp sci major memorize dates in history? Just to pass a test to "get to the next level"? It doesn't make much sense to me. Sure, maybe teach them surface level stuff, but IMO we need to reevaluate how we teach students with all the new technology we're getting.

  28. So let's say you have an antiplagiarism tool that guarantees to detect chatGPT output.

  29. TBH I don't always see that as a bad thing. If a student already understands a topic, maybe they don't need to be given tons of busywork for them to spend hours on.

  30. On your Mac and iPad, make sure you enable messages in iCloud.

  31. There is one reason why this is not happening: app development. There is no way to install and debug apps without a direct connection by cable at this moment. Seems highly unlikely that Apple has the technology to do so wireless to shift right now

  32. I agree this isn't happening, but I don't think it's because of that. ADB has been wireless capable for a while now and I don't see why apple couldn't just do the same.

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