1. At least better than knowing nothing.

  2. Didnt we have this thread last week

  3. Should have it more often so that nobody is being screwed

  4. Dange bhadkao ge kya sahab?

  5. That's less than €2, probably he's trying to have some competition with European coffee shops 😉

  6. Could you ELI5? Why are you talking about shares? Isn't this a case of loan? Why Adani has to sell bond/share here?

  7. Today’s era is very similar to fall of Soviet Union, when few men swallowed all of Russia’s resources like gas and oil and became the oligarchs.

  8. Is it okay to say that Adani and Ambani are like the Oligarchs of India?

  9. Will he commit seppuku now 😉

  10. Can't find a girl on my own, it's best best parents do the job. I've had foreign friends admiring the concept of arrange marriage after being heart broken by Tinder girls 😉

  11. It'll change when the kind of skillet you're looking for is rare or in shortage. We have a huge population with a lot of options for the recruiters.

  12. It should be similar to European countries factored to Indian price parity.

  13. My colleague from UK was in Delhi for a few days. He was saying that it was basically burning his throat just to breath there.

  14. Its on India that she doesn't allow dual citizenship.

  15. Any reason as to why they don't allow that?

  16. I moved abroad as well. The idea of giving up citizenship feels very tempting given the amount of paperwork and approval you need to travel different countries. With a European passport you're much better to work in the middle east and anywhere else.

  17. NPTEL lectures are one of the best. These were my lifeline throughout engineering in a college with limited staff and incompetent people around.

  18. I sometimes feel like I should install bigger lights and have them hooked with sensors.

  19. Yes exactly, I just saw a photos of Nupur on streets with shoes on it. And believe it doesn't goes well with non Muslims who were supporting the Muslims in this.

  20. People tend to follow visions, such schemes are best means to gather crowd. It doesn't matter if it works or not, if it gathers a mob then it's already accomplished a task.

  21. Anti encroachment drive by PCMC in phases

  22. Don't worry they'll be back once they've paid the hafta

  23. Sala Piyush Goel was celebrating 100 unicorn ab kaha gaya woh MeethaMeetha gup kadwa kadwa thoo aak thoooo !!!!!!

  24. He was trying to get a world record. Apparently this Government is having great appetite for a world records.

  25. Today I was having a discussion with a friend in IT, until yesterday I though i I had the best package but after learning what he's got now I'm starting to feel very much depressed.

  26. Indian army know exactly what is going on but kaka want to protect his strong man image among his bhakts if our army says this it will make kaka look like weak

  27. We should keep up the pressure by boycotting Indian products nad services where it's possible.

  28. It's good to see responses from Middle East but a prolonged ban would eventually affect the Muslim in India as well.

  29. The spokespersons of BJP, this'll be a chapter in book of dark decade in India.

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