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  1. they are compatible but why do you need such crazy components? 5tb of storage is a TON for games

  2. Super sorry to bother you again, for me it looks like the link to "Cant Hurt Me" is gone.

  3. I never knew wearing wrong shoes can be so disastrous. What's the right shoes to wear? I know there are trainer shoes available but I mostly wear runner shoes to the gym.

  4. Tie your shoes and watch your stance, you'll be fine. Her stance is way too wide.

  5. The reason I need it is for a scene I’m working on. An older girl comforts a little girl by singing her a lullaby from their home in Iceland. She’s about six. I feel like it would be adding to the trauma😂

  6. For reference, I am pretty sure it is satirical, as that is an absolutely awful economic strategy.

  7. Not at all, it drives him. He becomes harder. It makes him hungry for more.

  8. Who’s saying either needs the other? Seems like a weird thing to say.

  9. Apple was over 4% of twitters revenue, about 48 million dollars in the first quarter according to a comment above. Thats not a small amount of money especially after spending 45 billion on a social media site operating on a loss.

  10. Sorry I didn't read your entire comment. I think Elon is just kissing Tims ass after the rumours they were gonna remove twitter from the app store.

  11. That shouldn't be the case, and I suspect that your data is all still here. Please DM me when you have a moment so that I can look into what might have happened here and get this sorted out for you.

  12. Awesome! You guys have awesome customer support and are always quick to help when something comes up.

  13. Lets all get real here. There is no hackers. They dont wanna pay server costs on a game without any real microtransaction traffic. Ddos is the cheapest course for them.

  14. "DDoS" they probably just flicked off the matchmaking service and changed the error message.

  15. Why do you want to translate it to old Norse? I can't translate it I'm just curious.

  16. Yeah, I remembered her being from somewhere around the east of the Baltic sea, but wasn't sure was it Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia

  17. I've got a question that hopefully falls into this topic... Which should we be more focused on? Our Score or our balance? And in case this is taken in any way a negative comment, it is not intended that way I promise! I'm just genuinely curious as to which I should focus more on...

  18. Imo you should be focusing on doing more reps or more weight every week, instead of strength score and balance. If you do that strength score will go up, and balance is good to see if you have disproportionately strong muscles so you can focus on training other muscles.

  19. I have literally never not been depressed.

  20. Right now, your friend would need to copy it by hand. However, this is a feature we’re planning to build. Check this out:

  21. Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue

  22. I did, the cable was the issue. I was forced to buy a new one and it worked like a charm.

  23. starting my next convo off with “do you know ludwig” and i bet they wont respond, the power of Big A will never lose

  24. Þú helst að Sunak væri fyrsti hvíti leiðtoginn í Evrópu, og svarar Mamma þín þegar þú getur ekki haldið í rifrildið. Þetta er ekki nægu gott marr.

  25. Er verið að fara les önnur post hjá mér vitlaust, mjög sniðugt gamli

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