1. From my conversations with French people about this, the dislike seems to be a simple thing. People from other countries don’t say hello. Bonjour. In France it is very very rude to not say hello. And people from other countries, but very much Americans, just come in and start asking and demanding like they would in their own country. And I have found from experience and even experimenting., that a simple bonjour regardless of its accent, changes the interaction completely. I have heard from many sources that a lot of American tourists seem to think that when English fails, loud English will succeed, but I have never encountered one in the wild. Just let me add that having driven across the USA a few times, the ones at home are really wonderful people.

  2. Oooh that makes sense, I'm from a country where "good morning" is mandatory!

  3. In Canada, our solution is massive immigration. Our government is aiming for a yearly goal of 500,000 immigrants with our current pop. being 36 million.

  4. To be fair though, you guys have space. Sure, it might not be desirable space but immigrants can often take that trade off and still be content.

  5. I'd just put "legal requirement" and nothing else if I was forced to do this.

  6. Technically, no. I always plan to wake up late, cook for my wife, play videogames and catch up to whatever book/show/movie I've been trying to finish/start for the past few months.

  7. He’s a nurse. No US family. Just asked an agency to find him a contract and they did.

  8. That's because nurses are in shortage worldwide. A nurse can find work pretty much anywhere in the world. It's whether the pay will be good for the work and conditions that is in doubt.

  9. This is exactly it. The UK is in a downswing, definitely, but I can't think of anywhere I'd want to seriously move to. Emigration is difficult, even for highly skilled people.

  10. If only there was a way to communicate in another language.

  11. This is it. There’s no off the ball movement because nobody knows where to be.

  12. The worse part is there is movement, just bad headless chicken style movement. It'd be better if they wouldn't move to at least preserve physique.

  13. Believe me, I live there (NYC, if that wasn’t clear) It always sleeps. As I like to call it, it’s the City that Doesn’t Stop Dozing. Does my head in how early things close

  14. You must not live in Manhattan. Last I went I bought food at 2am on a Tuesday on a random bagel place, saw hotdog carts open at 12am in múltiple places as well.

  15. I've never see any, you must have to know where to look. My point was that in NY you didnt have to know, you'd just stumble on them bc theres a lot more than London

  16. Definitely. I remember the one in front of our hotel in lower manhattan being open 24/7, where I've only seen on or two food places in all of London open 24h

  17. Yeah I'm with you. My reply would've been something like "I'm driving right now and I have a very long day ahead of me, sorry I won't be able to" or something similar.

  18. Pff. I'd list for 999k and start lowering by 100k daily (no reduction on weekends)

  19. we're dealing with the same shit in Philadelphia. do you think building owners just have that much political power, or car drivers, or city council members?

  20. It's the council. If the OS is pedestrianised then that means all the traffic, delivery trucks, buses and taxis have to go through the backstreets where their mansions are.

  21. Lol the worst excuse ever. The Council doesn't want to, residents would be fine with it.

  22. And even worse is seeing the casual players at D&D 5e tables just don't care. I can attest to the same thing

  23. Honestly, I don't care either. I haven't played a fun DnD experience in a decade. Literally every other system my group has tried has been more fun.

  24. Lol this is so inaccurate. You can certainly get versions of Linux with. paid support.

  25. Where do you guys get Cirio from? I don’t see it in my local tescos

  26. Costco, Waitrose, some sainsburys. And always possible through amazon.

  27. In terms of coffee for me it was a bit ignorance is bliss and whatever in my physiology makes me attuned to coffee.

  28. I just don't drink coffee like that. I WFH so I control my coffee most times and when that's not it I either take a flask (latte-style) or I just don't drink any. If I have to suffer through one more terrible/instant coffee I'll get depressed.

  29. My HOA cleans the windows, washes the siding, cleans and clears gutters and downspouts, cleans and repairs the roof, prunes the trees and cares for all the other landscaping, performs all the yard maintenance work, paints fences, cares for the park, removes all the leaves, plows the snow on our neighborhood streets, pays for the property fire/damage/liability/earthquake insurance and insurance, and more. They also make sure nobody paints their house a strange color or installs something strange in their garden, in order to keep up the property values.

  30. Why do you have to waste money turning on the porchlights all night?

  31. I already subbed to an IPTV service this week. And I don't mean a commercially available one.

  32. No, her fault was pretending that brexit was something that was entirely for the Tory party to decide. All her decision making was about what she could get past the right wing of her party, instead of a critical and nation changing event that required a broad consensus to stand any chance of being successful.

  33. So... What is it that would've been better for those on the remain side that the brexiteers would've accepted? I can't think of anything closer to membership that would've made it the tories.

  34. That's why I said that May put her own position and party above the country. It doesn't matter what the fringe brexit nutters wanted if you can get a large majority from a moderate position. The 48% of remain voters combined with the proportion of leave voters who would have been happy to stay in the single market would probably have made a supermajority of voters.

  35. The voters would've, but not their MPs, that's the problem. Most people (stupidly) didn't want a 2nd ref, and given that May's deal didn't make it through parliament, I'm sure anything else clear of breakfast wouldn't have either, including full single market membership. I'm confident it wasn't an option for any tory government at the time, at "guidance" from the powers that be.

  36. Subir el salario mínimo en bolívares y que quede desfasado al instante no ayuda en nada. Es un asunto práctico de lo que hablo, el gobierno creó muchos beneficios contractuales y todos ellos están atados al salario base.

  37. Y si el salario mínimo es la línea entre pobreza extrema y apenas sobrevivir, la empresa que no pueda pagar eso a sus empleados no tiene porqué ser mantenida a flote. El empleado está mejor consiguiendo otra cosa y muchos no lo hacen porque tienen algo.

  38. El sindicato de cada empresa? Que empresa que no puede pagar salario mínimo tiene sindicato???

  39. Even if Roll20 stopped supporting DnD, its best selling point is that the platform is system agnostic. And the community is strong enough that a lot of APIs are available for those systems. Roll20 is gonna be fine.

  40. Maybe, but to be honest roll 20 sucks for anything that isn't d20-based.

  41. I've used it for dozens of systems that aren't d20 based. It works just fine, is free, and usually has a character sheet that makes things 100x easier to run for an online game.

  42. Everything we tried just wasn't great, which is why we ended up selfhosting Foundry, which works amazing.

  43. OOP kinda showed his true colors with that reaction.

  44. Yep, classic narcissist. his first thought was "this affects me" as opposed to "are you OK?"

  45. Speaking as an individual gay man, here: I am so tired of this topic.

  46. As a straight white male, I can't fathom how exhausting it must be to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community and having to deal with all this nonsense all over again every 6 months on a different company/celeb/group/politician/country.

  47. Oh my God people are fucking idiots.

  48. I'm not actually an optimistic person at all, but I do work in ads & I've processed social media feeds (including twitter) before, so those look naturally bot-ish to me.

  49. Nah fam, it's The Beard From The Top Of The World all the way.

  50. If Juve colluded to sell players at inflated prices, then they obviously must have colluded with someone.

  51. Entirely possible the someone is not in the FIGC though...

  52. The management didn’t do anything wrong. This is the case about subjective transfermarkt values. The FIGC is doing it for clicks, just like all of the other investigations over the years that amounted to nothing, and because they’re anti-Juventus.

  53. Hold up, the management did plenty wrong. FIGC is being dicks with the 15 points but you have to be blind to say that mgmt did everything above board.

  54. Even a bedsit in Oval/Stockwell will be £600 or so. But yeah, definitely not pleasant!

  55. It’s incredible how normalised it became for fully grown adults to live in rooms in flats-shares and not in their own flats with full privacy and comfort

  56. Everyone not born in London working in London has to rent something. Are there enough 1-2 bed flats for every single adult? No. Therefore, normal.

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