1. If you already used COM, Rufaydium would be really easy to use, just a couple changes in the script (i.e instead of "WB.document.getelement" change to "WB.getelement".) and it would work without problems

  2. Edge is... "good enough" for a professional setting, especially if you use a bunch of other Microsoft products. In the end, it's just chrome with a different coat of paint anyway.

  3. Shouldn't it fit in (already existing) PSP/Vita cases, vs. the pictured manbag?

  4. Win 4 is much muuuch bigger and thicker than the psp

  5. this search program is faster than default windows search

  6. I see no reason to use TWO. Just use one. If you must for some compulsive reason then... Just use a (powered) USB 3 hub on one and have that be your NAS, then the second connect over NFS (SMB is slower in my testing) and run Jellyfin server on it, make sure they're connected via Ethernet to the same switch.

  7. It's still there Go to App Info-->uninstall updates and it will show up in launchers again

  8. There's just the way android does things that bugs me to this day

  9. Huh. It's just weird if it was intentional, now there's no default file manager after all.

  10. It still kinda exist when a app has a file-->open option (e.g krita) but its gone as a standalone

  11. Where did you win a duo? That's the second time this week I heard someone winning one

  12. I'm genuinely impressed. I thought the android port was a lite version so took me by surprise when it ran a 3d demo project

  13. Glad to hear response. Maybe I have to reconcile with the possibility that buying a cracked surface duo is the issue...I often buy used phones with cosmetic issues but have never experienced these issues.

  14. I got a SD2 used on ebay for a decent price with no issues

  15. Wow I am really surprised Microsoft made this choice being that they are releasing a dual screen seemingly in response to the Fold/Flip. I love the idea of a Fold but there are A LOT of broken devices on ebay and given the price I have no doubt they have a high warranty rate still.

  16. Duo is not really in response to the fold/flip

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